Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trying New Things

Trying new things for me is often hard. It doesn't matter if it's new food or meeting someone. This does not always occur simply because I'm afraid, but also because doing things can often be expensive. I've had a bucket list for awhile, but they're not things that are necessarily attainable right now because of money issues. My goal is to meet or talk to a new person at least once a week without alcohol. I'm great at meeting people when there is no alcohol involved. My ability to try new things will be less frequent because they can be expensive, but this is a list so far of things I hope to try. If you have any suggestion let me know. :)
Cinque Terre in Italy
  1. Sky diving
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Bungee jumping
  4. Going on a cruise 
  5. Traveling to Italy 
All of these things are at least a 100 dollars with the last two being significantly more. Lastly, I love to eat, but I always eat the same thing even at the same restaurant. I love hamburgers, pizza, Mexican food, and Chinese, but give me Thai food, Vietnamese, or Indian food and I often run in the opposite direction and I live in California. 

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