Monday, May 19, 2014

Starting a Blog

This is me not writing. 
Starting a blog is trying something new and its hard. With all new things, at first you're really excited and you can't stop thinking about it. You want to post constantly and everything you write sounds amazing. However, after that initial happy honeymoon period you sit down and try to write again. However, all you can think is, is this dumb? this sounds horrible, i can't write about this and so on.

So you stop writing because nothing sounds just right, so, its no longer exciting, its simply just work. Something you feel like you're forced to do and getting no benefit from. At least with homework you get you get graded for you effort, now you're just writing for a blog no one knows about. That no one will probably be interested in. So, you just stop. You stop writing because you think its stupid.

But then a week goes by and you feel bad that you stopped. You feel bad because you wanted this to work, you wanted to be able to continue to write. You feel like you let people down you aren't even reading your blog, but ultimately you let yourself down because you couldn't stick with it. However, you still can't think of what to write about so, you just continue to not write and continue to feel that way.

However, another week goes by and you still can't think of anything to write about so, you don't. Then, when you least expect it something comes to you to write about and you feel the need to write about it right then. So, you do, but as you get to the end you think well what if this is just like before, what if i just stop writing again. So, you question you question continuing to write at all.

Like everything that is worth doing you just have to keep trying to see if it will change. For some reason this is reminding me of coming over an addiction, how it does not always work the first time. Changing in life is always hard. To do something new it is a change, so, to change you must keep trying, it doesn't always work the first time. So, we have to keep trying, even if we're worried the same thing will occur again, if we don't then we'll never change.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Salmon B.L.T.

On Tuesday I went out to a late lunch with my friend with the intention of trying something new. I rarely try new food or something that strays from the norm of what I like. I always get a hamburger, steak or a salad. These are my three go to things on any menu. I was craving fish, which I have been a lot lately. I had it twice in the last week yet  I was still craving Fish. The only place in Davis that I could think that sold the type of fish I wanted was at Cafe Bernardo's.

Photo from Cafe Bernardo website
Cafe Bernardo's has two fish items on the menu more importantly to me it has two salmon items on the menu. One is the Salmon B.L.T. which is what I ate for lunch today and the other is a salmon salad. I've had the salmon B.L.T. today and like usual it was not a let down. However, my goal for lunch was to try something new. So, i should have tried the Salmon salad.

I failed to try the salmon salad because one I forgot I was supposed to be trying a new food item for lunch and two it had some items in it that seemed like together I would not enjoy them. The grilled salmon salad has bloomsdale spinach, arugula, watermelon radish, pumpkin seeds, and citrus dressing. None of these items sound appealing to me, I briefly thought about trying it, but the radishes definitely turned me off. 

I know I like pumpkin seeds, but with the mix of everything else those could not get me to try the salad. The radishes were just not something I wanted to try, I do not like radishes and sadly I don't think I have ever tried them. So, mostly I said no to this new item because I was scared to try something new. There was nothing that I knew for certain I would not like, but I still didn't want to try it because of my preconceived notions of what I thought was bad.

To remedy this issue we just have to remember to try everything, even if we think those items will be disgusting because we don't know how it will taste until will try. If we don't give new food items a chance then we limit ourself to a very limited amount of food items. To try new foods we just have to take that leap. I think I'll start with only one new item in the food I'm going to try though.... Baby steps. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Marine Corps Friendships

Interaction with marines is never the same as with civilians. You already have this common ground, it is easy to go up and talk to a marine and create a conversation, the environment is simply just different. It is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. In the marine corps to a certain extent you already care about the person standing beside you.

However, meeting them on a friend level is different. It is a lot like high school with it's many cliques based on platoons and then broken down even further. So, although there is 200 people they all already have their friends within the unit. So to become friends it often takes time or needing help from someone to become close with them. Like most relationships it simply takes effort without effort there is no relationship.

I met three of my closest friends in boot camp. Boot camp like any other places has cliques people you like and don't like. Unlike in the civilian world this connection did not make us the same because everyone there had the same goal to become a Marine. However, to me it explains all Marine Corps friendships. Many people who have not been through this experience do not understand this relationship. In this short time you become so close to people because they're all you have. They're the people who understand your life and what you're going through.

Despite the fact that you are often far apart and rarely get to see each other that care and love do not go away. It's been over a year since I've seen these girls and I know I could always count on them for anything. They're just a phone call or plane ride away. Whenever I need anything I can simply call them and they'll be there.

Our bond remains despite time, distance, and even death. Last year we lost Sara, I still feel her presence everyday. It made the three of us that much closer, taught us to cherish the time we have with each other and most importantly it showed us that we all truly are friends. That in the most difficult of times we are there for one another.

Talking to other Marines is an easy task, but surpassing that simple Marine Corps bond can be hard. Now More then ever I make sure to talk to these girls from boot camp, to never lose touch, to maintain the friendship that we have. Once, we surpass that Marine Corps bond it is like any other friendship, one that needs work to be maintained.