Thursday, May 8, 2014

Salmon B.L.T.

On Tuesday I went out to a late lunch with my friend with the intention of trying something new. I rarely try new food or something that strays from the norm of what I like. I always get a hamburger, steak or a salad. These are my three go to things on any menu. I was craving fish, which I have been a lot lately. I had it twice in the last week yet  I was still craving Fish. The only place in Davis that I could think that sold the type of fish I wanted was at Cafe Bernardo's.

Photo from Cafe Bernardo website
Cafe Bernardo's has two fish items on the menu more importantly to me it has two salmon items on the menu. One is the Salmon B.L.T. which is what I ate for lunch today and the other is a salmon salad. I've had the salmon B.L.T. today and like usual it was not a let down. However, my goal for lunch was to try something new. So, i should have tried the Salmon salad.

I failed to try the salmon salad because one I forgot I was supposed to be trying a new food item for lunch and two it had some items in it that seemed like together I would not enjoy them. The grilled salmon salad has bloomsdale spinach, arugula, watermelon radish, pumpkin seeds, and citrus dressing. None of these items sound appealing to me, I briefly thought about trying it, but the radishes definitely turned me off. 

I know I like pumpkin seeds, but with the mix of everything else those could not get me to try the salad. The radishes were just not something I wanted to try, I do not like radishes and sadly I don't think I have ever tried them. So, mostly I said no to this new item because I was scared to try something new. There was nothing that I knew for certain I would not like, but I still didn't want to try it because of my preconceived notions of what I thought was bad.

To remedy this issue we just have to remember to try everything, even if we think those items will be disgusting because we don't know how it will taste until will try. If we don't give new food items a chance then we limit ourself to a very limited amount of food items. To try new foods we just have to take that leap. I think I'll start with only one new item in the food I'm going to try though.... Baby steps. 

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