Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Studying Cycle

It's senior year at UC Davis. By now I should be a pro at studying, but I was never good at studying. So... now that my time here is coming to a close. I think its time I actually study. lol. The crazy thing is, I finally consciously realize why I say this at the beginning of every quarter and it never happens. Want to know why??

It's because no matter how much you read, no matter what you do, you always feel behind. Or at least I do. So... about this time every quarter, a week or two before midterms I just stop caring because I feel like I'm never going to catch up. This feeling continues to be true because no matter how much I read, no matter how much more I've been reading this quarter then every other. I'm still just as far behind as I always have been. 

So... the question is... do I kill myself to catch up for once and see if it works or do i stop trying like always? I'm think I'm going to continue to try up until midterms and then, if that doesn't work, i'll just give up. Midterms get in the way too because you're like do I do the reading I never had a chance to do or do i go off of the material I know is going to be on the test? Midterms and tests, everything about college is all about managing your time and priorities, which class do I need to study more for. Which book is more important. Do I want to have al life and see people or do i want to be a hermit.

All of these things are things that we need to decide and that get infinitely worse when finals come up. The whole issue that we're on the quarter system makes everything worse as well because sometimes you have to cram a semester load of work into 10 weeks instead of 18. Luckily for me, that isn't really an issue political science majors have. Basically, this post in a way is a way for me to procrastinate even more on my reading, but to make myself feel better, I'm saying its for you guys, so you know you're not alone in this never ending school cycle. That school work will just never be caught up no matter how hard you try.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Starting to workout is always hard, at least for me it is. It is all about a schedule for me, and i'm 10 times more likely to do it if I do it everyday. Since the Marine Corps ball is in a couple weeks, two weeks ago I decide I was gonna hit the gym and be toned. So... I looked over the web and found the perfect workout, a toning challenge for the 4 weeks. It was just long enough before ball to start and i wouldn't be sore by the time ball came. Here's the workout if you want to try it.
I'm on week 3. During week 1 I didn't notice there was actually a cardio workout that needed to be done until like the end of the week, so... i only did that once. whoops. On week 2 I did cardio one day and the circuit the next, which may have not been the best option because by the end of the week I was absolutely dead and didn't even want to think about working out. Therefore, i skipped one workout for each and took the last two days of the week off. My thighs were completely and totally killing me.

A workout during week one. 
So when Monday rolled around and week three came out. I opened up the website to start my workout and simply just stared. It wanted me to add even more workouts to my circuit, I couldn't believe it. Since, I died last week doing a workout each day, I figured maybe it would be better if I did  cardio and circuit in one day, taking every other day off. But.. that thought continued to make me feel absolutely overwhelmed. So... I just didn't even do anything that day, which is probably even worse then doing half the workout.

Not working out was extremely easy Monday since I already took two days off which, goes back to my whole theory that i need to work out everyday in order to continue to work out, or at least be on some sort of schedule. Not working out two days in a row, for me... is not a schedule. Working out every other day, now that can be a schedule.

So... Tuesday morning came and I decide i had to workout, i was tired, I didn't want to do anything, but I had to do my workout. I started my workout determined I would do the circuit now and the cardio later after class. Well... I got through half my circuit, it wasn't even that hard, but I simply wasn't feeling it, but I pushed through. Sadly though, i never got around to doing my cardio workout... because I already worked out that day and convinced myself I could only do the circuit today and still do all my workout this week, I just have to only have the one rest day, Monday, the one I already took.

Today is Wednesday... and I'm determined to workout, or at least do something for my workout. My mom always says the first step is getting dressed. Well... step 1 is done. On to step 2: which is the circuit workout, but that's not until about 7. I'll keep you updated. I hope you're a lot better at working out then me and if not, then maybe we can motivate each other. Talk to you guys soon.