Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Starting to workout is always hard, at least for me it is. It is all about a schedule for me, and i'm 10 times more likely to do it if I do it everyday. Since the Marine Corps ball is in a couple weeks, two weeks ago I decide I was gonna hit the gym and be toned. So... I looked over the web and found the perfect workout, a toning challenge for the 4 weeks. It was just long enough before ball to start and i wouldn't be sore by the time ball came. Here's the workout if you want to try it.
I'm on week 3. During week 1 I didn't notice there was actually a cardio workout that needed to be done until like the end of the week, so... i only did that once. whoops. On week 2 I did cardio one day and the circuit the next, which may have not been the best option because by the end of the week I was absolutely dead and didn't even want to think about working out. Therefore, i skipped one workout for each and took the last two days of the week off. My thighs were completely and totally killing me.

A workout during week one. 
So when Monday rolled around and week three came out. I opened up the website to start my workout and simply just stared. It wanted me to add even more workouts to my circuit, I couldn't believe it. Since, I died last week doing a workout each day, I figured maybe it would be better if I did  cardio and circuit in one day, taking every other day off. But.. that thought continued to make me feel absolutely overwhelmed. So... I just didn't even do anything that day, which is probably even worse then doing half the workout.

Not working out was extremely easy Monday since I already took two days off which, goes back to my whole theory that i need to work out everyday in order to continue to work out, or at least be on some sort of schedule. Not working out two days in a row, for me... is not a schedule. Working out every other day, now that can be a schedule.

So... Tuesday morning came and I decide i had to workout, i was tired, I didn't want to do anything, but I had to do my workout. I started my workout determined I would do the circuit now and the cardio later after class. Well... I got through half my circuit, it wasn't even that hard, but I simply wasn't feeling it, but I pushed through. Sadly though, i never got around to doing my cardio workout... because I already worked out that day and convinced myself I could only do the circuit today and still do all my workout this week, I just have to only have the one rest day, Monday, the one I already took.

Today is Wednesday... and I'm determined to workout, or at least do something for my workout. My mom always says the first step is getting dressed. Well... step 1 is done. On to step 2: which is the circuit workout, but that's not until about 7. I'll keep you updated. I hope you're a lot better at working out then me and if not, then maybe we can motivate each other. Talk to you guys soon.

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