Monday, December 8, 2014

Buyer's Remorse

Like the stereotypical girl, I love to buy things. I don't always love to shop, especially when I'm looking for something specific, because I can never find what I want. However, sometimes when you go shopping you find that you want everything. So... you buy it all because you look super cute in it and you should totally keep it. That's currently been my life for the past two weeks.
Black Back Zip Up American Eagle Sweater
AE website

I needed some sweaters so i bought some and then some skirts from American Eagle. As well as buying a bunch of clothes from Old Navy too. Granted, like half of them were for my sister for her Christmas present, the price was too good to pass up, usually I like to get their presents from the Gap at least. However, despite that, I still spend a ton of money on Clothes that weekend.

However, now that I bought it all, I'm a little weary of if i should keep it all. Do, I really need two new sweaters? Do I really need this new skirt, will I wear it more then for Christmas? I sadly asked this about everything that I bought. Not because I didn't like them, but because off times buying new clothes is more about need then want. I have enough clothes to wear everyday, so, i don't necessarily need new ones, but I want new ones.

So... how can we attempt to stop buyer's remorse? It's easy, if we truly loved an item we would wear it within a month or two of buying it, if you do not, simply return it. However, there is another issue that occurs. It's not that I don't love the item and that I wouldn't wear it. I chose to not wear it because I feel bad for spending the money on it and can't justify it. So, what do I do now? Should I wear the clothes because I like it or should I return it because I feel bad even though I really want it.

In this situation you should ask yourself two questions: 1. Do I feel bad because I do not have the money to buy the clothes or 2. Do I feel bad because I feel like I spent more on the clothes then I should have. If it is situation 1 you may want to return the clothes if you truly do not need them. However, if it is situation 2. and you really do like them, you should keep them and treat yourself for once.

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