Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas shouldn't be too hectic this year, we usually do both sides of the family in one day, however, this year it was split up. YAY!! less craziness sounds so good to me. Holidays are supposed to be fun, but they usually end up just being crazy busy.

Yesterday, I woke hung out for a bit and then went to my best friend's house to exchange presents and just spend time with her family. Her mom says they're my second family, she always tells people I'm their other daughter. My best friend and I exchanged presents. We both got each other the same bracelet from Kate Spade. This one says "On the Fast Track" on the inside. She also got me a sky blue one for my birthday that says "Head in the Clouds" on the inside.

The kind that attaches magnetically is relatively new to Kate Spade. I used to not be able to wear bangles because they're really hard to get on and off my hands. I might just do it wrong, but it was really hard for me, so, I could never wear them. This kind is basically perfect if you're like me and have silly hands.

Me, Best Friend's Mom, Best Friend
I had lunch at their house, it was delicious. We had home made Trader Joe's pizza for lunch. Her dad put the garlic herb pizza dough on the grill. We took it off put the pesto sauce, mozzarella, and tomatoes on top and then put it back on the grill. It was so delicious. I wish I took a picture because it looked pretty amazing too. Then her mom let me open the present from them. It was a Kate Spade necklace with my initial on it and says "one in a million" on the back.

Me and My Sister
If you can't tell, I like Kate Spade. All my purses are from there. I need a new one because my black one is getting old, I've had it for a year, but I use it when I go anywhere. If I rotated purses it would last longer, which is what I want to do, but I need to buy a new one first. I have a white one, but it always gets so dirty. I also have a blue one, which is actually in pretty good shape, but once I got my black one last Christmas I basically just stopped using it, it doesn't match anything. I'm not big on matching, but at least now no one can hate one me when I don't AKA my best friend.

Me and My cousin
Sorry for the tangent, after that I went straight to my sister's even though the party didn't start until 4 and it was only like 3. It didn't really get started until like 5 or 6, but that's our filipino family. It was really fun to see everyone. The Kris Kringle was fun, I also got both my parents presents from it. I got a throw, some chocolate with alcohol in it, and a blue place setting. I'm really excited about all of it.

I already used the throw it was nice and warm, no one else wanted it, but I was happy to get it. I need more blankets at my apartment. I'm really excited to try the chocolates, I've never tried anything like it before. Blue is my favorite color so.... that's just exciting to have.

I had a special Christmas Eve outfit. It isn't as nice as my Christmas outfit, which, I did on purpose. I however, got really hot and had to change my shirt like an hour into the party.

Some cousins
Sweater: Old navy, recent
Tank top: Lauren Conrad, Kohls, my sister's.
Jeans: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean 4 years ago
Bracelet: Kate Spade, 1 year ago
Necklace: Kate Spade, today

The tank top had crotchet sleeves and collar. It would be really cute for work of with a cardigan. The circle on the bracelet says partners in crime on it. My best friend got it for me last year for Christmas. I had so much fun. I hope your Christmas Eve was as good as mine.

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