Friday, December 26, 2014


Although, it totally felt like Christmas snuck up on me this year, it is finally here. Today, my family woke up, we skyped my sisters that live far away, one lives in Chicago, B, and the other lives in Maryland, A. My sister, that lives near by with the boys, K, couldn't come by because she was with her in laws, but we saw her yesterday and would see her Christmas night at my grandmas.

We then, all opened our presents. B was very anxious to get off of Skype because no one could open her presents since they were with K. I really just wanted to see A's daughter E open her present from me. I got her an Anna outfit, I think she really like it. She just kept saying "That's for E." I can't wait to see her in it.

For Christmas me and my siblings all got a soft-shell jacket from my parents. I also got a black giants tank top which i've been wanting forever. It's always so hot in the summer at games. I probably won't wear it for awhile though, unless I wear it to the gym, which is possible.

After that, I went to my best friend's house to blow dry and straighten my hair, since, apparently we no longer have a blow dryer at my mom's house. So, I went over and hung out for awhile until I had to go to my grandmas. They had lots of snack for me to eat, apples and prosciutto are so good together. It sounds weird, but they're somehow amazing.

Around 2 I went to my grandmas, decorated the tree and waited for everyone to arrive. The games were so much fun. We always do a kids, a gag, and a good white elephant game. The gag one is always just for fun, it can be anything you have just laying around your house, I think one year someone even did toilet paper. This year the good one was bay area sports themed, Giants, Niners, or warriors.

I ended up with tickets to the 49ers game this Sunday. I'm so excited. I've never been to a football game before. My sister got a Kapernick jersey, I'm really hoping she lets me wear it to the game. She wore my sweater before I even got to. So, its only fair, that she let me borrow the jersey, right? My grandma is going to take me shopping to pick out work clothes. I'm super excited, since my internship starts when I get back to school. I'm pretty sure, I'll need business clothes. Apparently it will only be exciting for about the first week to dress up, but I'm hoping it will last longer then that.

Anyways, that was my holiday. Here's my Christmas outfit. I love this dress, I hope I can find somewhere else to wear it too one day.

Dress: Target, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago
Bracelet: Kate Spade, Recent

Sorry, I don't have a better picture of my outfit. the day was hectic. I kept remembering that i needed to take one and then forgetting to do it. It is a peplum dress. i absolutely love it, I wish I had a better picture.

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