Friday, December 19, 2014

Clothing Stealers

Now that me and my sisters have all stopped growing, we can all trade and share clothes. It's wonderful when you need an outfit to wear for a family picture or to a special event. However, it's not always great because sometimes your clothes go missing for months or they wear your brand new clothes.
Me and my siblings
Recently, I let my little sister borrow my shirt for our Christmas card picture. It was a brand new shirt and I was kind of reluctant to let her wear it, but for the picture I let her. She then went and wore it the next day. I wouldn't have cared as much if I had gotten to wear the shirt already, but I haven't. So, I was pretty upset, who doesn't like to be the first one to wear their brand new clothes?

This same sister has also told me she goes into my room when I'm not home to see if I left any cardigans she could wear. She never calls, never asks, just goes into my room to see if I left any behind. 

Another Christmas story, but this one is funny. One of my sisters was home visiting for Christmas, and I let her borrow my booties to wear with her outfit. She jokingly said to me "I'm just going to take these home with me." I knew she was joking, but when she left, I made sure she didn't take them with her. I love those shoes, I wear them all the time with dresses and skirts, they make anything look a little more fancy. 

For a different family picture because all my family ever does is take family pictures one of my sister borrowed my dress. She's the second one from the left, she added a vest over the top to make it appropriate for the picture. I don't really like me in that picture, but it's apparently the only one I have of us that day. To the right is a picture of me in the dress, when we all went out for my cousin's birthday. I also should of put my hand higher up on my waist in this picture, but whatever, besides that the picture is perfectly fine.

Basically, sisters borrow clothes, they don't always fit us exactly the same, but that's part of the fun. It's the same clothes, but we style them differently, to make them fit us. The main issue here is that if my little sister asked to borrow my clothes I might let her. Well, I might not because I might be afraid she'd lose it or never get it back. So, maybe only for special occasions at first. 

Granted, I can't blame her. Over the summer I borrowed her belt to wear out and it went missing. It somehow was outside on the porch for like a week or two. I felt really bad, I totally though i lost it, but I was really happy we found it. So, we're all clothing stealers, to remedy this, we just have to make sure to give the clothes back after we wear them. 

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