Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Pictures

Last weekend, my family went and took pictures for Christmas. Sadly, it's only with my parents and 2 of my siblings. The other 3 have families or live away from home now. Anyways, family Pictures in my family are always an exciting time. There are so many of us and we can never agree on what to wear, and we never all like the same picture. Basically, large families make family pictures very hard, even for the photographer. They have a hard time finding unique poses for us to do.

You would think since, it was just the five of us the picture would be easier to take. However, if possible it was actually harder to take. My brother and sister have a ton of activities and couldn't do it one day. I couldn't do it this weekend because I'll be busy with Marine stuff. So, once we finally found a day we could do it, we realized if we did it outside we would need someone to take the picture for us. Turns out my older sister who could take the picture was busy that day. So, my family, being my family, we had to ask her to squeeze in 10 minutes to go downtown to take our picture.

Which of course was in 30 minutes and my brother wasn't even awake and my little sister had nothing "Christmas" colored to wear. She was so adamant about it she almost wore a black and white shirt IN A CHRISTMAS PICTURE. So, I let her borrow my brand new shirt for the picture. More on that in a later post.

We finally get everyone dressed and make it downtown and THERE'S NO TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! My sister goes "I told you the christmas tree this year was ugly." So, we're debating where to take this picture because my sister is already on her way to meet us downtown and she's in a rush, meaning we're stuck with this location and we need to pick a spot here. We quickly decide on the fountain.

So, we start to pose for the pictures and my brother who never wants to take pictures anyways, has his hat on. This whole big thing happens because he's wearing his hat. We get him to take off his hat and then in all the pictures he just looks like a big brat. I hope you enjoy my family picture and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Sweater: American Eagle, New
Skirt: Old Navy, New
Stockings: old
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

I really like this outfit in theory, but in these pictures. I just really don't like how any of it turned out. I don't think I'll be wearing this again. I wish it turned out better because it was amazing in my head.

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