Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've been drilling in the Marine Corps for 2 years now. So, this would be my 7th quarter doing it while being in the Marines. Yes, somehow I've never had drill and finals fall in the same week. Drill is tiring because you have no time to relax, you have no weekend. You go straight from school to drill and then back to school.
However, this weekend was worse because I had a mountain of studying to do for my final that was on Monday. He didn't give any study guide, so, we basically had to study everything and hope for the best. Cross your fingers with me and hope I did good. I think I did good in case you're wondering. End Rant. 

There are ways to change your drill dates, but then you have to make them up during the week. I don't know my schedule yet for when I'm at Old Navy over Christmas break, so, rescheduling it would of been just as hectic as going now and it would of just been me and the staff that works there everyday, plus I think they show up everyday at like 6. That sounds tiring. 

Basically, it was hard to find the time to study for my finals because I was busy all day. Then I had to go to sleep early because we have to get up at like 6. Which would explain why I'm super tired today. I felt way to tired to drive to Davis yesterday. I've also been way to tired to study for my final this afternoon, I fell asleep at like noon studying, granted it was only for 15 minutes, but still. 

Bootcamp Graduation
Studying for finals Sunday and Monday night was hard because I was still ridiculously tired from the weekend. However, it needed to be done. Sorry its taking so long for me to get to the point, it probably has to do with the fact that I'm still tired and drill ended two days ago. The Marine Corps, as much as I love it, it takes away from the life you live everyday, which, can be frustrating. Since, I spent all weekend busy, I've been really tired which mad it hard to study for my finals. 

The Marine Corps keeps you from being able to do things that are important to your civilian life. For the two to five days a month that you are there you are expected to drop everything and make that your life. Which, is always possible because after those days, you go back to the life you live everyday, your family, your job, everything you normally do. So, if they land on the wrong two days, it can hurt you for hopefully no more then a week, the first drill of the quarter is usually when I end up behind in my readings for class and then I just never catch up. I'm glad I can call my self a Marine just sometimes it makes life a little bit harder and that's not always fun. 

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