Friday, December 12, 2014


During college we always here about Internships, how they're important to finding a job after college. They can help you gain experience and possibly make connections. It also makes you look better on a resume which is the most important part. However, depending on your major, sometimes it is hard to find an internship that pays, therefore, making it harder for one to get an internship.

I'm in my senior year at UC Davis and I'm just now about to start my first internship in January. Not because I did not want one or look for one, but because as a political science major it is hard to find a paying internship, even still this internship does not pay. This being my first internship is partially my own fault, I needed a job that paid over an internship because I needed a job to pay for books, food, and school in general. Many of the internships also require driving to Sac. So, before I had a car there was very little opportunity it which internships I could do. 

However, once I did have my car, I did not see how it was possible to set my schedule so, I could work and intern. it also helps, that this year I have no classes on Friday's making the hour commitment that they ask for during the week more doable. The office is only open during the day making one unable to work after 5. In making my schedule over the weekend to accommodate both my job and my internship, I realized that it is simply a matter of scheduling and accepting hour and classes you might not have otherwise taken.

To add another job into my schedule was hard and surprisingly doesn't require me to wake up at 8 everyday. It almost did and then I found a class that would fit perfectly in my schedule, allowing me to go to my internship, and then class, and then go to work. it will be a long busy day, but days will be worth it because the internship will allow me to interact and work with people that are directly in politics, the field I wish to work in. 

So... basically, i guess this is me ranting about how, an internship is important to me now and should of been important sooner because it gives you many opportunities and experiences you would not receive otherwise. However, i do understand the struggle to work and find and internship when both involve working in the afternoons making it hard to schedule four, four unit classes in the morning and allowing time for said internship. Once you yourself realize the importance of an internship it will allow you to do what you feel is necessary to acquire an internship.

P.S. Sorry this looks super boring without any pictures, i don't have any at the job or in my business clothes, which I'm really excited to wear. I cannot wait to start in January. 

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