Sunday, December 14, 2014

Marine Corps Workouts

Hey guys! No Outfit of the Day today. I planned on taking a picture of my Physical Training (PT) uniform. However, i post a picture of the PT uniform that I took awhile ago. I couldn't take one because I had to rush out of my room this morning to look for my cover for my cammies. I was about to go back to my room, but somehow between the room and the car I lost my hotel room key. Which, is exactly why I brought all my stuff with me downstairs.

Summer 2013
So, this is the most basic workout ever, but this is the one we did this morning. It is nice, simple, and easy. I would also probably add a set of ab work outs too. I love doing abs. Which, if I ever get around to working out regularly you will see. I do abs a lot and its just super easy, but you can feel it pretty quickly.

We ran about 2 or 3 miles at a moderate rate, everyone else thought it was hella slow, but it was a good pace for me. I'm not exactly sure how long or anything it took because I don't currently have a watch. I lost mine a while ago and it still hasn't turned up. Anyways, then we did lunges for about 50 yards and 10 pull ups. Like, I said, nothing ridiculously hard, but its a nice easy workout that will help with our Physical Fitness Test (PFT). I would add some ab workouts because that helps with the sit ups part of the PFT.

This is one of the easier workouts I've done with the Marines. In the summer of 2013, we ran like 5 miles a day and did circuit stuff as well. It was horrible, even at the end of the 2 months, I was still always ridiculously exhausted after, but I was finally feeling a little better after the runs. Granted, I was in really good shape and wish I could get back there. However, it is really hard on my own.

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