Sunday, December 28, 2014

Old Friends

This post is a little late, it is about Friday. Friday night I worked and then went to visit one of my oldest friends. She was having a "Kick it" as she likes to call it for her birthday. Which, is today. Sunday December 28th. She's only like 2 weeks older then me.

Birthday Girl, I look 12
Anyways, I went over around 10. I just hung out with her and her friends. They played water pong because apparently beer on the floor is the worse thing ever. It was pretty fun. It's never  crazy eventful, but It's always just nice to see her.

I've known her since I was 10. It's crazy. It's been 12 years. We've known each other more then half our lives. I love those kind of friends, no matter what you do, or how far you drift, you always know you have each other. We see each other a lot more regularly now then we have in a long time. Almost every month or two, before we would go years.

We'll go months without talking, but whenever we do it's like nothing changed, like we're 10 years old again. I  can tell her absolutely anything and she won't judge me or get mad at me. It's amazing. As close as we are, we're so different. The thing about old friends, you think if I met them now would I still be friends with them? I would love to say yes, but I don't think you would be in the same places or around the same people. You just most likely wouldn't happen upon each other.

It's like when you meet someone when you're younger and you don't like them, but you run into them a couple years later and you do. As much as we stay the same, we change. We're always changing, it affects every part of our lives. I'm so happy I met her 12 years ago, I love who she is even though now we're so different. Without meeting her at 10 I might be different. We affect people's lives in ways that we don't even know.

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