Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 1

Since, I'm just starting my blog, I'm still trying to figure out its focus. So, I'm sorry if it feels a little scatter brained. I feel like that is kind of me in general, but to help me find its focus and what I like to write about I've decided to try some different things. So, for the next two weeks. I'm going to share with you my Outfit of the day. It's not going to be anything to fancy or flashy, but it will be nice simple outfits that i think anyone can do. Which, describes me and my outfits even though I am trying to make them cuter when I need to dress up.

So, here's today's outfit. Its nice and comfy and winter cute. Sorry, if this isn't a very good picture. I don't have the whole picture thing down. Maybe by the end of these two weeks I will. As you will probably learn from these posts, I practically live in American Eagle clothing. Just thought, I'd mention that. Since,

Top: American Eagle Sweater, 1 year ago
Pants: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Shoes: Cathy Jean Boots, 4 years ago

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