Friday, December 19, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 10

Sorry, this post is so late. I meant to take a picture of my outfit that I wore to get a drink, which is.... way cuter then the outfit I wore today. This outfit I don't even know if it matches. This was basically an it's pouring rain no one is going to see my shirt outfit because the outfit looks fine with my black sweater. The outfit I wore to drinks was much cuter and surprisingly warm. I'm really upset I didn't get a picture.

Anyways, I took my final, went to work and drove home. This outfit was comfy enough for it, these jeans are a legging jean, so, they're a little tighter then I would like them every once in awhile. It's one of those if you sit the wrong way it's a little annoying. These jeans are those type of jeans.

They fit really tight which makes them look really cute with jeans. My friend always says my jeans are too loose to wear with jeans. I really don't think its that big of a deal because I chose comfort over looking cute, but just thought I would throw it out there.

Tank Top: Old Navy, Recent
Sweatshirt: Present, 2 years ago
Jeans: Gap, Recent
Boots: Cathy Jean, 3 years ago

I definitely plan on bringing my rain boots back up to davis in the winter, they're definitely a necessity. I will get over the whole fact that they are not super cute.

This Giants sweater I realized may not be as warm as my navy UC Davis sweater, but it might have also just been significantly colder today. I am not exactly sure because I'm not big on checking the weather. I prefer to use my window as a weather predictor, the only reason I knew it was pouring this morning was because it woke me up.

I also wore my Blue Marmot rain jacket all day because of the rain. I did not include it in the outfit of the day because as soon as I made it inside I took it off. I just wore it so, i would not get wet. The rain today was a serious pain and made it summer cold. Sorry this outfit isn't really cute, but I really do think its ok, to dress for weather and not cuteness sometimes.

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