Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 3

Today, was rainy and foggy, and just plain depressing, but lucky for me, I have a bright blue rain jacket that brightens my rainy days. The rain, totally made me rethink the whole not wearing my rain boots because they're ugly thing though. My boots are nice and comfy, and protect my feet mostly from the rain. However, when I take them off i do realize the socks on my big toes are kind of wet. So, here's my rainy day outfit.

Thermal: Old Navy, 4 years ago
Pants: Levis, 3 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago
Rain Jacket: Marmot, 2 years ago
Sweatshirt: UC Davis, 3 years ago

Funny story, I actually got these pants after my bootcamp graduation on Parris Island, at the marine corps exchange. My mom did bring me clothes to change into, but she brought pants that were from middle school and no longer fit. It was really annoying at the time, now I just find it kind of funny. My rain jacket was a christmas gift, so, I'm not exactly sure where they are from.

I bought this sweatshirt almost exactly 3 years ago today right before I shipped out to bootcamp. I knew I would go back to Davis after I got home, but it was a little piece of insurance before I left and I needed one. I only had a girly type sweater and I barely ever wore it. This one is nice and comfy.

I know I've only been writing these for 3 days, but they already have me using more of my wardrobe. Which, I definitely need to do because I own like 6 pairs of pants and only wear like 3 of them. I was originally going to wear the pants I wore on Monday today, until I realized I would be showing everyone them again.

Granted, I'm in San Jose for the weekend and only packed 3 pairs of pants, 2 of them being pants I already wore this week. Well, technically I only packed two because I was wearing one of them. As, well, I will be in my digital cammies most of the weekend anyways, so, its not that big of a deal. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my post and my ranting.

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