Friday, December 12, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 4

Today, I had drill. So... i mostly wore what I like to call my heffalump outfit. Which is my woodland camouflage uniform for the Marine Corps. It makes me feel chubby because it is too big. I have had multiple people tell me that it is too big and that they thought I was fat before they saw me in "civilian attire"as they call it in the military. I keep meaning to get a smaller size like I have for my desert camouflage, but whenever I'm on base its summer time and I forget because we're in deserts not woodlands. My heffalump outfit is much more noticeable with my blouse on, I think I'll take my picture for tomorrow in it.

By the way a heffalump is a fictional type of elephant from Winnie the Pooh. The elephant is very cute and adorable I recently discovered. So, I do not know why I associate him with me being chubby in uniform. Just ever since i realized I looked that way, that's what I've referred to myself as in it. It is probably because elephants are simply big animals. I really have no idea, I didn't even know a heffalump was an elephant until recently, I just knew that I thought they were big. I loved Winnie the Pooh when i was little, so, that is clearly how i knew of a heffalump.

However, after drill for about an hour or so, I did get to wear civilian attire. It's a pretty basic simple outfit. I never, like to wear anything to cute, who do I have to impress here. haha. Occasionally, we do go out after drill, but I'm busy this weekend studying for finals, which is no fun at all. Anyways, here is my pretty boring outfit. 

Red V-Neck Shirt: Tillys, 2 years ago
Jeans: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Gray Waterfall Cardigan: 1 year ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

I was originally going to wear my boots again today, but by the time I got to my room I already walked back downstairs once because my room key would not work to get in. So, i was too lazy to go back downstairs and get my converse to change. Although, you cannot see it because this picture is absolutely atrocious, which i'm terribly sorry about. However, the boots probably actually look better with the outfit since it is a long cardigan. Which, to me just yells winter and boots. 

Again, sorry for the picture, the one in the mirror in my room wouldn't catch it all and by the time the guys could of taken the picture I was starving. However, I definitely think it is progress on my whole taking better pictures thing. Since, I thought of asking someone else to take the picture. My mom always, says "The first step in going to the gym is getting dressed, so, if you did that then you attempted." I think you're supposed to add a step everyday or every time you try to go though. I'm not really sure, I always just focus on that part. Basically, I will continue to try to take steps to take better pictures for you guys. We'll see how it goes. 

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