Monday, December 15, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 6

We're currently in the middle of Finals week. So, today was a lazy day, it didn't help that its stilly cloudy and rainy. So, there was completely no point in getting dressed this morning. Basically, I just threw on some comfy clothes and called it a day. Perfect lazy comfy day outfit and you can totally go to the gym if you change your mind about being lazy. I contemplated it, but I'm super sore from yesterday's workout for some reason. It didn't even seem that hard in the moment.

I was just sitting and studying all day for my Final this afternoon and then I started studying for my final tomorrow, well attempting to study. Making comfy clothes the best choice, sorry for the boring rant, but here's my outfit for the day. 
Shirt: Old Navy, 3 years ago
Workout Capris: Old Navy, 3 months ago
Nike Tennis Shoes: Big Foot Locker, 3 years ago

This shirt is just a free shirt I got from work (I work at Old Navy). It's nothing special, they're nice and comfy and good for going to the gym in. I mostly wear it for the gym and work. These workout capris are nice and comfy, but they're a little too loose, most noticeably around the knees. I can mostly tell the difference because I have another pair from Old Navy that is a year old that I think fits a lot better. They're the same size, so, they must just make them different now. 

These tennis shoes are 3 years old, but I barely wear them. I bought them write before I went to bootcamp thinking I would wear them to work out in. They were still brand new when I got home 9 months later. When I got back I had another new pair I bought when in North Carolina to replace the pair the Marine Corps gave me. Basically, these shoes are not 3 years old in wear and tear because I own lots of tennis shoes. I have 3 pairs, I think the most recent i bought about a year ago.

I need to find a better way to take my pictures without the help of someone else. I'm not totally ready for hella people to know about my blog. I'm still a little embarrassed because I don't know if it's any good. 

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