Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 7

Today was a pretty boring day, just spent all morning studying. This afternoon I made sure to relax to prepare for all the studying to be done for my last final on Friday. I am also totally hoping to get a drink later. I'll let you know all about the place I go to if I do. My friends say there is no where to go on a Tuesday, but you can go anywhere just for drinks.

Anyways, this morning I got dressed rather quickly for a cram session before the final. Which, I think actually helped a lot, cross your fingers for me. Here's the outfit:

Shirt: Tillys, recent, 4 months ago
Pants: PacSun, 4 years ago
Sweatshirt: UC Davis 4 years ago
Shoes: Converse, 3 years?

I recently got this shirt and I'm in love with it. The word on the shirt is LONDON. However, it does show a little more stomach then I originally realized. I am a little sad no one got to see it today because of the winter weather. Winter weather is the worst because half the clothes you wear no one even gets to see. It's so frustrating. Like, why even bother to look cute. I say this because I was just going to wear the shirt and pants until my roommate totally pointed out that it's only 50 degrees outside. I think this outfit would look cute with my black cardigan, but its been missing for awhile now and it might not be warm enough for it. End rant.

I've had these pants for a long time and my mom absolutely hated it when I got them. However, they were only 10 dollars and I've had them for 4 years. So, I think they're a win. They are also super comfy, for jeans, but the holes are getting a little bigger then I like. It's really hard to find good ripped jeans because I feel like they have to be in the right spot which is different for everyone. I did find some a couple weeks ago, but i have worn them yet, they're a little darker in color. So, we'll see how those go.

I was really upset I had to put this sweatshirt on. I don't wear it that much because it is more form fitting, I generally like my sweaters to be nice, loose and comfy. It also isn't as warm as my other sweaters. I was still a little cold in it while walking to campus.

I really have no idea when I got these converse. I've kind of always had a pair since my junior year in high school. They're my go to i need shoes to put on my feet shoe. I just ordered a new pair, but i haven't gotten them yet. They're gonna be shiny and white. It's gonna be weird.

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