Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Day 8

What I Wore
It was a day of studying and car trouble. I went out to my car to get my outfit out of my car. Yes, I still had my clothes in my car from this weekend. I had too much stuff to take it all out in one trip. I hate walking back and forth from the car and it was raining. Well, when I went out to the car, I realized I had left my car lights on, so... my battery died. I still haven't signed up for triple A yet because I'm forgetful, but luckily my apartment complex has one and was able to jump my car for me. It would of been a fortune to get someone out here if they didn't.

Today, I thought I'd wear some jeans I don't think I've worn in a year. Yes, a year. They're colorful jeans and I always feel so self conscious in them. I just don't really know what to pair them with, I mostly own dark colors, it  cuts down my choices a lot. Today, I paired it with a black tank top and a grey cardigan. I would have preferred to wear my long sleeve black v-neck shirt, but I can't find it, with my purple scarf. I thought about still wearing it, but it doesn't match exactly and I didn't really like it. That's another issue with colored clothing, sometimes it has to be super matchy matchy to look good, which can be really hard to find.

The top picture is what I wore today. The picture on the left is one with the scarf. The one on the right is one with a jean sweater jacket. Which is what i originally planned on wearing.

Waterfall Cardigan: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Tank Top: Old Navy, 1 year ago
Jeans: Old Navy, 2 years ago
Shoes: Converse, 3 years ago
Scarf: Old Navy, 4 years ago
Jacket: Old Navy, 3 months ago 

I didn't even realize how much of this stuff was from Old Navy. I originally tried this outfit with the Jacket, but I couldn't decide if I liked it. Now, looking back at it i kinda wish I wore it. I think it was just a little too out of the box for me to try today. I dunno, what do you guys think of it with the jean jacket, I think I was mostly worried because its not all the jean material. 

I just bought a pair of black boots, that i think this outfit would look really cute with. If you wanted to dress these jeans up a bit I think you could also throw on a heel, for me it would be my go to black booties, you might have to change the shirt though or add a necklace. I'm really looking forward to Christmas because I'm hoping that I got some necklaces, it was on my christmas list. I will also hopefully be getting tons of new work clothes which sounds super exciting, especially with my internship starting in January. 

Lastly, sorry for the funny faces, I wasn't originally planning on posting these pictures. However, as i started writing, I realized it would fit right in. I hope you guys liked this outfit. 

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