Saturday, December 13, 2014


Packing for me is the absolute worst, I never know what to bring, and I never know exactly what i'm going to do. So, I kind of have to pack for everything. One would think packing for drill would be easy because I'm barely in the clothes that I get to actually pick out and wear. So, why does it matter anyways what I wear. It really doesn't I barely ever take into account what I'm bringing for drill.

Year and a Half ago
I usually, just throw an assortment of clothes and shoes and call it a day. Mostly, just spending my time making sure I have everything I need for the Marine Corps. All of my uniforms and gear. The 5 million different types of socks and covers we have and the million tiny pieces that go along with our uniforms.

So, considering this, when I went to pick my clothes i saw this gray shirt that I hadn't worn in a while and I was really excited to wear it. i thought it would just go perfect with my boots. However, when i went to grab it I realized it was not the amazing shirt that I wanted to wear and it made me sad, made me rethink the whole just throwing clothes into a bag thing. Then, it totally made me wonder where this shirt is. So, I will definitely have to look for it when I get home because I love that shirt.

However, despite the fact that I clearly don't care to really pack because I don't care how cute I look in front of these people, packing is still hard. It is hard not because I did not know what I wanted to wear because this shirt falls into the perfectly boring shirt category that I generally hold for drill unless I hope we go out at night look. It is hard because we can never know exactly what we want to wear, even if we know our schedule. We change our minds, we forget about clothes we own, you don't feel cute in it  that day, there are a million in one reasons. Basically, packing will never be easy, it is horrible and i think we may just have to deal with.

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