Monday, December 22, 2014

Recipes: Day 1

Yesterday was supposed to be my last outfit of the day post, the two week are up. It's time to start my food challenge. Well, recipes, I'm going to be posting about recipes the next two weeks. I'm going to attempt to cook them and tell you how they go. It won't be everyday, especially with Christmas and new years coming up, but it will be most days hopefully. I am working kind of a lot at Old Navy. So, I hope my family likes having dinner a little late.

horrible picture sorry
Tonight we had chicken adobo. It's a filipino dish. It wasn't homemade though, I should try that one day. It's really good, and I'm pretty sure its a crock pot recipe. Along with that, I made rice and vegetables, this was a typically meal for me when i was little. Not homemade, it is pretty simple. I used 4 chicken breasts for the 5 of us.

The adobe mix I used is Momma Best's, I had to use two packages with this much chicken. The instructions say to make it with 1 cup of water per mix. However, it wasn't covering all the chicken and the old adobo mix my mom used to use said to use 2 cups of water per package, so, that's what I tried. We also only had 2 adobo mix packages so... I just tried it, hoping it would work. So then you just put the chicken in the pot and cook it for at least 30 minutes and then its ready to eat.

The food was good, but I think it could of been better. If I used dark meat like my mom normally does, then I think it would of soaked in the flavor better. The white meat is also more likely to dry out when making adobo, so, it is in general supposedly better to use dark meat. Keep in mind though, I like dark meat better then white meat in general meaning, I may be a little biased. I also think, that 2 cups instead of 1 had enough flavor, it was all over the chicken. I think with only 1 cup the sauce would of been too dense, but you may want to try it with 1 cup for yourself the first time. So, that was my meal for the day, sorry for the horrible pictures, I cannot plate food well.

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