Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recipes: Day 2

So, I didn't post yesterday Monday, because I've been super busy, working and shopping and getting ready for Christmas. I still have to wrap all my presents, I'm really not looking forward to doing that. I also think I've decided I'm going to post in the morning about the day before. So, this post is about Tuesday December 23rd and being posted on Wednesday December 24th.

I woke up and procrastinated wrapping because i have a ton of gifts to wrap, it probably won't even take as long as I think it will, but it just sounds tedious. So... I'll do it tomorrow on the last day possible before Christmas. All day I kept thinking about how it does feel like Christmas yet, that Christmas is just kind of here, it just kind of appeared. For me at least, I feel like I'm just going through the motions of getting ready for Christmas.

Anyways, after I procrastinated, I prepared for dinner because I wouldn't have time to after I got off of work. Today, I made potato soup with french bread, it's apparently a family recipe. It's easy and cheap to make, my step-dad says my great grandma used to make it a lot because she had so many kids. It's really just potato, beef, and tomato sauce.

First you have to cut up the potatoes at about the size of a nickel. Then, you fill up a large pot with half to 3/4 amount water. You boil the potatoes until they are soft. Once the potatoes are soft, you add a pound of meat to the boiling water and potatoes. Once the meat is cooked you add the one can of tomato sauce and stir. For more flavor you can add salt and cheese. Sorry this recipe is not precise, but my family just does it by looking at it.

I know this sounds really boring, but it is actually pretty good. It also only takes about 30 minutes to cook, which is super nice since I got home at like 7. I think I added too much water to it though, I put in closer to 3/4 of water. It is either that or I liked it a lot better when I was little. I didn't post a picture because the one I took made it look absolutely disgusting. If you google potato soup, it comes up with things that look a lot like clam chowder, but mine definitely doesn't look anything like that.

After, that my family and I went shopping for Christmas outfits. I already had one, but this year we're celebrating with one family on Christmas Eve and the other side on Christmas. So, I needed two outfits this year. My outfit Christmas day is going to be nicer though I'm pretty sure. I haven't finalized my outfit yet for tomorrow though. I just  can't figure out what to wear with my top to make the outfit dressier. Hopefully I'll figure it out tomorrow. I'll let you know tomorrow how it all goes.

A little tidbit on Monday, I hung out with my sister and her sons. We just played and decorated a little for Christmas, she's having the Christmas Eve party at her house. It sounds stressful, I'm so happy I don't have to do that stuff yet. She does want to plan my wedding some day though, so, hopefully it isn't too stressful though because then my fictions wedding planning will be horrible for her.

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