Sunday, December 28, 2014

Recipes: Day 3

Tonight, I made a teriyaki chicken, I found on The Nourishing Gourmet.  It turned our pretty good actually. It probably would of been better if I followed the direction exactly. I tend to like to make things faster. Plus, I'm new to cooking so sometimes they look skinny enough and they're really not.

Second batch, really brown. 
So, it recommends that if you have bigger breasts to slice them in half or pound them. I didn't think my pieces were that big, well not bigger then a 1/4 inch. So, I just pounded them a little. I don't think my parents have a mallet, so, I used my fists. Anyways, when the chicken came out, it was definitely not too fat, but I think I would of liked them thinner. So, I think next time I will cut them in half if they are the same size. 

Next, I don't know what fat I would need to heat up in a pan to cook other food, so, I just used vegetable oil. As you can tell, cooking really confuses me. I know nothing about it. So, I pretty much just try it and see if it looks at all how it's supposed to. 

I don't have a picture of the first batch i made, but they were pretty light. No dark, black spots on it anywhere. However, the next batch had a ton of black spots on it, it wasn't burnt per say. It just tasted a little different then the original one. I liked the original the best. So, to counteract this a little bit, I would suggest to change the oil each time. This is what i did with the third batch, and it helped a little bit. 

I cooked the meal with rice and edamame, to finish off the Japanese feel of chicken teriyaki. Plus, I love edamame. Overall, I think it was a pretty good meal. My step dad told me it was good, and I feel like he doesn't like anything. However, it might also be mean to tell someone you don't like the food they cooked for you. 

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