Saturday, December 20, 2014

Restaurant: My Sushi

No Outfit of the day today, it was just what i wore to work, which was boring because it was a work shirt. I would show the outfit I wore out to dinner tonight at Chili's, but it may be similar to what i'm wearing on Christmas/ Chrismas Eve. So, I'll wait to show that later.

Anyways, last night I went to My Sushi, it is a restaurant pretty close to my house. I go there quite frequently, for how often I am home. The food is pretty good and decently priced. When you spend 30 dollars you get a free roll and more if you spend 40 or 50 dollars. As well, with a roll over 8 dollars you get soup and salad.

I don't know about you but I love miso soup. So, it is definitely a plus for me. We got the zebra roll and the monster roll. The zebra roll is fresh yellowtail, salmon, avocado, and fresh salmon on top. The monster roll is salmon, albacore, avocado/fresh tuna, and seaweed salad. I really liked them both. I liked the monster roll better because of the seaweed salad on top, it added a little kick to it. Note: I feel like kick might mean spice, but in this case it doesn't, it simply means flavor.

We also got sapporo and hot sake. We made sake bombs, he wouldn't let me bang the table though, I was very disappointed. My friend used to work at a sushi restaurant, so he said doing that was obnoxious. I think its fun, but whatever. I'm not usually a big fan of beer, but it actually wasn't that bad. I think I'm finally getting acquired to the taste of beer, but if I drink beer, it is usually corona.

After we drank sake bombs, he  thought it would be less work to just leave the shot glass in the cup and drink it that way. I took mine out, I guess it was a little work, but better then leaving the shot glass in the whole time, he left his in the cup the whole time. I thought it was kind of ridiculous.

I wish I had pictures of it all, but I'm new to this whole blog thing and I'm not exactly sure exactly what I'm posting until I go to write it. I really am trying to get better at taking pictures and their quality.

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