Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Resturants: Skipolini's

Didn't do much today. I had work all day at Old Navy. I got home and was gonna make Chicken Parmesan for dinner, but then my parents wanted to go to pizza. So, we went to our favorite Pizza place, or at least mine; Skipolini's. There are about 5 locations I think in the bay area.

I love the pizza, I actually like it better the next day. We also had the house salad and their bread with olive oil and vinegar. I think that's what you dip it in. It's a pretty standard Italian dipping oil. I like the house salad, but I wish it didn't come with beets. I don't like beets. There's actually not that much in the house salad, beets, croutons, garbanzo beans, and onions. Now, that I think about it i don't really like that much in it, but its easy to avoid the gross stuff. It's still pretty good, its a nice and basic salad.

I always get pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, its my favorite, their pesto pizza is pretty good too, but we didn't get any of that one today. We usually go to the Skipolini's in Downtown Concord, but I actually think I like the one in Clayton better. I can't really explain why I just do. The Concord one is only a little bit closer to our house I think.

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