Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Today, I woke up and finally decided I was going to wear my plaid shirt. I no longer cared that it was wrinkled. The shirt was still wrinkled, but not as much as it was before since it had been hanging. I hate ironing. I wore my cowgirl outfit yesterday as I like to call it.

Shirt: American Eagle, 2 years ago?
Tank Top: Old Navy, 1 year ago
Pants: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

I finally remembered to take money with me to work and I was able to stop at Big 5 on my way home and get a a new sports bra to hold me out until I get mine from home. I might order some more online, but they're so expensive. I'll let you know how it works tomorrow when I wear it, it's a little different then the ones I normally wear.

Yesterday, I was craving a chicken grilled cheese, which I've never had before it my life. So, I have no idea why I was craving it, but I was. I used a chicken breast and to make it a little smaller, I cut it in half. Well, attempted it a better word because it looks nothing like how they show you on the cooking pages. Then I cooked the chicken, nice and simply, I just grilled it on the stove. That took 5 or 10 minutes at most. Next, i made my grilled cheese, since, these cheese slices from Trader Joe's are so thick, I normally only use one because I'm in college and poor. However, to keep the chicken in the sandwich I thought it would be a good idea to use two or else the chicken would just all fall out. This worked perfectly.

That white thing is the chicken. 
The grilled cheese was so good. I'm so happy I tried it and didn't let me thinking it was just a weird craving make me skip it. I will definitely be trying it again. You guys should also try grilled cheese and avocado. If the avocado is ripe, they're to die for. Now, I want one of those too, maybe I'll stop by Safeway tomorrow since its my day off.

Have you guys ever craved something you've never had? or cooked anything new lately? Let me know so, I can try it. Well... if it's simply I will, I generally don't have enough ingredients for the really good stuff.

Donating Blood is that, a Donation

Currently, my school is having a blood drive. Which, I think is wonderful thing for someone to do. However, I have never done one. I always, look and tell myself I should do it because it's a good thing to do. You're helping someone else in their time of need.

But, I always think back to this time in high school. I never signed up them because it had a weight requirement for each height and I was the same weight as the requirement. I thought about signing up, but I really didn't want to get sick. Then, right when I was like I'm sure I won't get sick from it, this girl who is about the same height as me if not taller and the same weight as me if not more came in from the blood drive. She told about how her face turned green and she threw up and from then on I said no, no, no, no, no I'm not giving blood.

I don't want to get sick and then not even be able to donate all the blood they need or it be unusable because I got sick. Especially now, if I get sick from donating my blood or feel lightheaded, I can't go to work after. All I do is drive around, that's dangerous. You could say I'm making excuses, which since, I no longer weight what I did in high school. If I did, I would be a skinny skinny girl. I really like my weight just maybe 5 lbs less, what it was before I joined the Marine Corps.

Basically, what I'm saying is donating blood is a good thing, but if you don't feel comfortable doing it, then don't. Donating blood is just that, a donation. Whenever, the blood drive comes around and I don't donate I feel a little bad and I shouldn't because it is a donation. So, I don't want you to feel bad either. You are allowed to say no.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Morning Class.

This morning, that wonderful one page paper I had do that I was totally stressing about yesterday, was postponed because class ended up being cancelled. This would be wonderful news if I hadn't finished my paper already. However, it did end up being great news because I realized I had not yet done my communication homework. I wouldn't have had time to listen to all my lectures later because I was working a ton today. So, either way it worked out.

I really like my outfit today without shoes on, and I thought black boots or shoes would look absolutely amazing. However, I definitely didn't like the black boots, I actually thought it looked kinda bad which made zero sense to me. So, then I put on my vans. It didn't look bad, but I wasn't in love with it like I thought it would be, so, I was a little let down today with my outfit.

Shirt: Target?, Old
Jeans: Old Navy, Recent
Cardigan: Gift, Recent
Shoes: Vans, 1 year ago

Then, I was off to class, my teacher told us a ton of information about our paper today. Which, would of been really nice if it wasn't due at 10 o'clock tonight and I had longer then a 2 hour break in-between my jobs to finish it all. Basically, today was a busy day, and she should of told us all this information before.

It's a really good thing I didn't end up wearing my boots today because they seriously need to be worn in and I ended up walking home from campus. I got to my apartment way before the bus and I even stopped for a Starbucks. It usually gets there around the same time, but today I guess it was really late, this is why I walk when there is 20 minutes between buses. Anyways, on the way home I saw these new update crosswalk buttons. They're new and pretty, the old ones I think were broken and torn off.

Lastly, when I got home from work I finally tried my chocolates filled with alcohol that I got in a gift exchange for Christmas. I finally decided to just break it open and try it. I waited to long for a fun night to try it. We both tried a whiskey one, but I tried the Jim Bean and she tried Canadian Club I believe. I really liked mine, its very little amounts of alcohol, I know because you have to drink it out of the bottle. So, its no major alcohol. She said hers was really good to and that it would be fun to have during a hang out or whatever. I'll see what I end up using it for.

Did you guys see anything new today? New restaurant, new building? Were you excited about your outfit?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Roundup: 2

So, this Weekend Roundup is really only about Friday because I just relaxed at home the rest of the weekend. It was nice until I realized I had two papers due on Monday and I freaked about that. Since, one of them was pretty much done and the other was only a page, I basically freaked out for no reason.

Friday I went to my internship all day, we celebrated one of the guys who is leaving because he's moving to so cal. So, this is the last new shirt I have for work. I really have no idea what I'm going to wear this week. Somehow, none of my shirts transition well for work in an office, I think it's because I mostly wear tank tops out not, nice shirts.

Shirt: Kmart, recent
Scarf: My boss's
Pants: Banana Republic, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

I didn't get the memo that it was scarf day at work, but my boss brought in a whole bag of extras for everyone. It totally worked out though. Her scarf matched better then any of mine would have. I only own an olive green one and a purple one.

These pants are the Jacksonian fit. They sit just below the waist and are curved through the hip and thigh. They're a slim ankle, so,  a skinny jean and normal length on me. I actually don't really like the look of ankle, so, it works out that ankles always fit me like normal pants and then I don't need to look for a short.

I said I would update you on the Pants I wore on Thursday, Those ones were the Ryan fit pants from Banana Republic, they fit low on the waist and fitted tight through the hip and thigh. They're a straight fit which explains why they didn't follow over my shoes like I thought they would. Those ones are a regular and I thought with shoes they would be fine, but they bunch at the top. Therefore, I now need to ask my friends mom if she can hem them for me.

After, work I went to dinner all by myself. It was actually kind of nice. I met the nicest people there. I would totally go again if it wasn't ridiculously expensive. I paid like 20 dollars for a bento box. I love sushi, but I don't like paying that much for it. If you have the money to go to Ninja Sushi all the time, you totally should because it was ridiculously good, just not for a college student budget. It's in Sac right near Folsom and Watt.

Then I went and hung out with one of my friends in Sac. It was actually really nice, the two of us have never hung out alone together before, but it was really nice. I met him through one of my marine friends and they live together. So, I normally hang out with them both. Anyways, we pre-gamed and then met one of my oldest friends in Downtown Sac. It was a nice night, we attempted to bar hop, but failed. One of the girls had a little too much and we had to just stop and eat. It didn't help that I'm always down for pizza.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching TV and doing homework. It was a really nice relaxing weekend. I really need to go to big 5 and get some sport bras so, I can work out this week. I would put it on the schedule for tomorrow, but tomorrow is crazy busy. I'm baby sitting for two different families tomorrow. I only have a two hour break in between and during that time I need to finish up my paper and submit it online.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Early Mornings

Waking up at 7 makes me ridiculously tired, and granted, I don't actually roll out of bed until closer to 8. Today, I had to go to my internship, I love the outfit I had on, I just need to get the pants hemmed I realized. I thought they would flow over the heels, but the boot cut isn't wide enough for them to do that. I really like this shirt, but I don't get to wear it that often, it just never looks right for the occasion. It's actually not that right for this one because its a tank top and I'm pretty sure those aren't allowed at our office, but with my blazer it worked out fine.

Blazer: Banana Republic, Recent
Tank Top: Pac Sun, 1 year ago
Pants: Banana Republic, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Sorry you can't really see the blazer. 
These pants aren't the normal work pant material? I don't know exactly what to color them, but they're not the type of material my mom wears, or the material I would think they would normally be. They're a stretchy material, they're the most comfy things in the whole wide world. Today, I wore the Ryan fit from Banana, I'll have to look up the specific leg cut and everything because the Ryan is the waist and thigh fit.

The pictures of my work outfits generally aren't as good because the lighting in the mornings when I take my pictures doesn't get as much sun as 8 as it does at 10. So, a good pictures isn't nearly as easy to take.

I came straight home and went to class, but half way to the bus stop I realized I didn't know where my ID Card was to get on the bus and I was already running late. So, by the time I got back to my house, I figured there was no point trying to rush to get a bush that I would probably miss. It also didn't help that I was super tired and didn't feel like feeling like I was going to fall asleep for an hour and a half. Anyways, I changed already, and ended up wearing this all day.

Shirt: Kmart, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 3 years ago
Shoes: Converse, Old

I know Kmart isn't generally wear I get my clothing, but I really like this shirt. I don't know what it is about it. Anyways, it fits a little weird in the shoulders, but nothing too noticeable because I stopped noticing it and you can't tell when looking at it or at least I can't. I wanted to wear it with a different pair of pants, but I couldn't find anything that I loved it with, so, I just gave up since I had to rush to catch the bus that I missed.

I was about to get dressed and go to the gym for once this week until I remembered that all my sport bras are somehow at home. I really have no clue how that happened, just one of the many reasons why living in two places is absolutely the worse, can't wait for that to end, hopefully before the end of 2015.

The little boy I babysit is sick, so, there was going to be no work for me today, but she felt so bad about the little amount of hours that I got this week. So, she asked around if anyone needed a sitter. So, I watched the little boy's friends in the evening while his friend's mom ran all over time driving her other two children here and there. They had a crazy hyper dog, but when she called down she would just sit in your lap. It was actually kinda nice.

Before going over to babysit the kids, I actually put some effort into making my dinner and lunch for tomorrow. I made some pasta, cooked some Apple Chardonnay Sausage for Trader Joes and made sausage pasta with traditional basil sauce. It was pretty good. It looks like a really small batch, but it actually filled me up, I'm pretty sure. Sometimes I worry I eat too much because I cook something that's supposed to be for two days and then I eat it all. Although, I'm just now getting hungry, so, It must of filled me up and its way past my time to go to sleep.

Do you guys ever lose your ID Card? Or miss class simply because we're in college and its acceptable?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lazy Days

The three day weekend brought with it an extremely boring week. I had two exciting things planned and they both got cancelled earlier in the week. Worked all day yesterday, I was so tired from yesterday, I just lounged at home all day after school since I had no work. 

I did get a picture of my outfit today though. It was freezing outside this morning and then of course in class it was ridiculously hot. Then after my second class it was warm, just one of the many reasons I dislike winter. Winter, can never make up its mind about the weather. Anyways, here's my outfit for today. It's really my Christmas Eve outfit with a different sweater. 

Sweater: American Eagle, Recent 
Pants: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

This sweater is actually still available here. It's an additional 60% off of and it is available in two other colors. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Busy schedules

Being this busy with school and work means, I don't really have time to write a post. I spent all night writing a paper that I thought was going to take like two hours. It definitely took way longer then that. I started at 6, it is now midnight, granted I took many breaks with the show Friends. I'm almost done with it, it's a little sad not only because I'm almost done, but because it just came out on the 1st. 

I wanted to show you my outfit today because it was really just something I threw on. Most of my clothes were still in the car from this weekend and I was running super late. So, I didn't have time to run down and look at them all, but surprisingly I was really in love with the outfit. Too bad winter is almost over and the boots will soon be going back into the closet or wherever you put your winter items. 

Sorry, for the short post today. I didn't do much anyways. I was supposed to go to a movie, but that fell through since I couldn't finish my paper, but it was really just work and school. Hope your day was better then mine. 

What do you guys do with your winter clothes when the season change? I just hide mine in my dresser until winter comes out again, but I am interested where I can put my shoes, so they're not in the way all the time. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Round Up: 1

Sorry, I've been M.I.A this weekend, but I think i will start doing that every weekend and having a nice Weekend Roundup at the end of the weekend. Which today ended on a Monday here in the United States because of Martin luther King Day.

Friday, January 16

Today was the first full day I spent at my internship, it was pretty fun. Everyone in the office is super nice. I mostly just answered the phone, it was really fun. I love answering phones, I think I would have a lot of fun being a receptionist and that I would be pretty good at it.

I wore my new skirt and blazer from Banana Republic Outlet, I love it. I can't wait to wear it again. I think i looked like a super cute business woman. Sadly, I don't have a good picture with the blazer on, but the outfit is still super cute without the blazer. I mostly wore the outfit without the blazer because I was inside and it was kinda hot, so, I really didn't need the blazer, but it was really nice to wear it when I walked in.

Shirt: Forever 21, Recent
Skirt: Banana Republic, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Friday night my friend came over and we just hung out. We played some card games. It was really nothing exciting, but it was actually pretty fun. I went to sleep early because I was super tired from being at the office all day.

Saturday, January 17

Today, was a pretty boring day. I drove home at around 11 and then basically spent the rest of the day at my best friends house. I went over around 12, we got take out my sushi for lunch. Update: the Red Dragon roll is to die for. I'm definitely getting that next time I go. I only got two because we all liked it so much. After lunch, I interviewed her dad for my school report.

My best friend and I then went to the mall and Old Navy. We didn't really find anything we liked. I finally got Rockstars from Old Navy that fit. The ones I bought back in November I needed to exchange because they were too big, and they finally had my size in. After that,  we just went back to her house and hung out, we watched that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie, Blended, it was actually pretty good.

Sunday, January 18

Today, I went shopping with my mom at Kmart. I'm not a big fan of Kmart, but my mom really wanted to go since they were having 50% off winter and fall items. I actually found a couple of things, I'm pretty surprised.

I finally wore my new black boots out. They definitely need to be broken in though, they were kind of hurting my feet and I wore them for like an hour at most. I wish you could see them better. I'll have to take a better picture and post it for you tomorrow. However, my outfit was pretty boring, but I actually kind of like it because it was nice and simple and comfy.

Shirt: Gift, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Boots: Just Fab, Recent

P.S. Sorry for the dirty mirror. Also, this weekend taught me that dressing for you guys is a lot of work. So, it was nice just dressing however, I wanted and being comfy. When I get dressed knowing I'm going to write about it, I feel like it has to look super cute. Therefore, I think really hard about what I have to wear and I didn't really do that this weekend until I picked my clothes out for Sunday night. So, it was nice to think about what I'm wearing a little bit less.

After that, my mom and I went to late lunch at 1/4 lb. I just had a normal cheese burger medium rare. This restaurant is right around the corner of my house, but I haven't been there that many times. I remember it being better then it was, but considering it's a 24 hour diner it was actually pretty good. Apparently its a chain, but I've never seen another one. I go to Digger's another hamburger joint in Concord and I like that one a lot better, I should of gone there.

After that my sister K came over for a little while with her two boys. It was so nice to see them. I always love seeing them. I did not do that much with them. X thought it was super funny to hit me really hard in the butt. It wasn't, it actually kind of hurt for a 5 year old hitting me.

Lastly, me and some friend went to Farrington's in Pleasant Hill for Karaoke night. It was really fun, I'm so happy we went. We mostly just hung out and talked, but I did sing one song with one of my friends. This guy totally heckled me though because we didn't really know the song, but the DJ stood up for us. Karaoke is supposed to be fun, you don't have to sing the song right or on pitch and that's exactly how we song it, we had a blast.

When I got back to my friends house we drew this beautiful card for our friend Adam. It started as a joke, but we actually ended up making him one. My best friend was really excited about her firework making abilities.

Monday, January 19

Today, I went and got my hair cut and colored the roots, I guess is what you would call it. I like that its just the under layer part of my hair that is colored because you can't tell when its growing out meaning, I can wait longer in between touch ups. It's really nice, I waited like 4 months before getting it done and usually you have to do it like every month I would think.

This is what I wore today, nothing special. I literally didn't bring a normal shirt to wear out because I thought I was just going to be home for a day. So, I borrowed this shirt from my best friend, but I'll probably end up keeping it because I don't think she likes it that much anymore. She was worried about the shirt getting dye on it and then when i told her to give me one she didn't care about she gave me this one. I actually kind of like. It's a little more lose then I would like, but since it was free it's pretty nice.

Shirt: American Eagle, Old
Pants: Old Navy, recent
Vans: Vans, 1 year ago

I mostly wanted to post this picture of my outfit so you could see the length of my hair now compared to what it was like on Friday. It's not that noticeable to other people I think, but it's pretty noticeable to me. She cut off like 2 inches which is a lot because you're supposed to go every six weeks and cut like half an inch or something. Idk, I don't know how your hair even has time to grow if you do that, but according to my hairstylist Stephanie, at Ulta in Dublin it is very important.

After, that I went home and hung out with my sister and her boys again until everyone left to go to my brother's basketball game. Then I left and drove back up to davis. I planned to start my homework right away, but I ended up being on the phone with Comcast for like an hour to try to get my roommate internet access in her room. It turns out he couldn't even help us. He actually made it worse before making it work exactly the same way again.

We finally found out that we probably need a different newer model of router that has a bigger radius so that it can reach the whole apartment, but we won't even get it for like another week. So, hopefully the internet won't work too bad this week because we can't even pick it up at the Comcast store. I had plans to go go karting, but I finished my homework late and I was way too tired to drive out there. So, we rescheduled for another day, I'm not really sure when we plan on going now though.

Anyways, what did you guys do on your 3 day weekend? Anything special? Or just take the extra day to relax?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Busy Day: Work and Shopping

Today, was a crazy busy day. Most of this will be part of my normal Thursday, but there was an added shopping trip. I finally went to Banana Republic and got the work clothes I've been needing for awhile now. Anyways, I started my day driving to Sacramento for my internship for two hours. I wore the other work that my grandma got me. She loved this one one me, so, I had to get it. Sorry, if my hair is kinda messy, I didn't know how to do it and did not feel like straightening it today. Yes, this is how I wore it to my internship, my roommates said it looked fine. I'm hoping it pictured worse then it was.

Dress: Macy's: Kensie, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Before class, I stopped by my apartment for a little bit, changed, ate a snack of some kind, I really cannot remember what I ate, and headed off to class. I finally wore the shirt I've been wanting to wear. The outfit is nothing special, I actually wear this outfit a lot to bars when I feel like being comfy cute. I dunno why, the top is just a t-shirt, but I really like it. It looks extra cute with my leather jacket which is of course at my parents house. This half living two places thing really isn't working out well for my wardrobe.

Shirt: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Jeans: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Shoes: Converse, Old

I usually wear this outfit out with my vans, but I didn't feel like putting in the wear and tear on them today. I thought, I would have to walk home from campus, which I normally would of done, but I was beyond tired and did not feel like walking at all. So, I waited for the bus.

I barely had enough time to eat before I had to head to work. After work, I came home, had a boring ham sandwich, there wasn't even cheese. I've been too busy to even have time to go to the grocery store this week. Then me and my friend went to the Outlets in Vacaville, I got a bunch of bottoms, but I'm sure work shirts are a lot easier to find. I got two pairs of pants, a skirt and a blazer. I'm really excited about all the clothes I got.

I wish I could of gotten this red shirt, but 30 dollars was just too much today. So, I passed on it because I figured I had shirts at home I could wear for now. I totally like how it looked with this skirt though. I kind of wish I bought it and then decided, but it's fine.

I also went into the Kate Spade outlet. This, was not a good idea because now, I'm in love with this tiny purse. 90 dollars was a totally good price for the purse, but I don't really need it, So, it wasn't in the budget this month. Hopefully, it will be soon though because I'm in love with it, it will be perfect for shopping trips, I can stop taking my big purse everywhere. Plus, I've had it for a year and I can tell its getting old which is making me so sad because I love it so much.

Lastly, I ended my day with a late dinner. One, of my normal meals, Chicken and Rice. I love it, it's always so good. I have no idea why, it's pretty boring. I'm pretty sure I like its all I ate when I was little. I enjoyed it while watching some friends. It was really nice and relaxing after a long day.

Have you guys had any big exciting shopping trips lately? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Restaurants: Ket Mo Ree

So, I was really unhappy about my outfit today, but I couldn't decide on anything that I wanted to wear. Then of course when I finally did I couldn't find pants that went with my sweater and I still didn't really like it. Luckily, I didn't have to wear it that long today because it got too hot around 2.

Sweater: Gap, 2 years ago
Tank Top: Old Navy, recent
Pants: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

I walked home because the bus comes at the same exact time class gets out so, I missed the bus. I got home way before the bus which, made me feel good about walking. It felt nice to wear a tank top during the day again. I can't wait until summer, I feel like it doubles my wardrobe, which sounds like what I need right now, since, I'm tired of mine. Hopefully, shopping tomorrow will help a little, even though, its only work clothes for my internship.

I didn't have time for a workout today because I like to sleep and didn't realize how early we would be going to Trivia night at Ket. I got home at around 6, we were meeting at Ket around 7. So, I would of had to rush to get ready if I went to the gym. It doesn't help that my shin splints still hurt a little, even when I was just walking home from campus, which is about a mile, its a 20 minute walk to my apartment.

At Ket, I had the yellow curry with rice, it wasn't nearly enough to make me full. I had to order an appetizer of fried Chicken Potstickers to fill me up. The curry also wasn't that great, but maybe that's because it was 10 dollars and was only like half the food of what my friends got. The potstickers were ok, but I've had ones better.

One of my friends got some seafood thing and she really didn't like it, it even upset her stomach. My other friend got the red curry, he seemed to like it. However, since it was only a 1 in 4, I think I'll skip Ket to go eat at from now on. This reminds me of this restaurant in my hometown. It's always really busy on the weekends for the Spanish night club, but its always really empty during the day, the one time I went there the food was horrible. Although, Ket was pretty busy, so, maybe it was just me and my friends who didn't like the food. All in all I don't think I'll be back to eat.

Lastly, I went home and just hung out. My stomach wasn't feeling that well either. Plus, I had to figure out my outfit for my internship tomorrow. Ok by outfit, I just needed to make sure that my dress looked ok. I like the dress, I am a little worried it's a little big, but maybe that's just because I'm used to club dresses. I hope you guys had a good day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Workouts: Day 4

So, I love to hate to get dressed. After awhile, I realize I really don't have that many clothes or that many that i want to wear. Or that day I simply just don't want to wear any of my clothes. Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is showing you new clothes is slowly getting a lot harder because I want to wear the clothes I've already shown you.

On a positive note, it does make me show more love to my clothes that I forget about. I realize i haven't worn one of my favorite shirts in awhile, I just haven't found a pair of pants that I'll love them with yet. I mean the shirt goes with practically everything, I just don't know what outfit i want to show you guys of it. Anyways, I went through my whole pile of clothes on the floor and finally found this shirt that I wanted to wear.

Yes, I need to organize my room. This is always an issue of mine after I wash my clothes or unpack. So, basically, its an issue all the time. On the rare occasion I do put my clothes away, the second I need to go out everything comes right back out of my dresser because I usually can't find anything that I want to wear. I plan on doing that soon.

Sorry, for how tired I look in these pictures, I had to force myself to get out of bed this morning and go to class. It helped a lot that my Communication 10 discussion is mandatory. I used to love this shirt, but the novelty (as my communication class would call it) is slowly wearing off. I still like it, I just no longer want to wear it all the time.

Shirt: Wetseal, 3 years ago
Pants: American Eagle, 3 years ago
Converse: Old

Got home had some pasta and chicken for dinner. I tried this homemade dressing from, I think it works for pasta or salad. I just fried the chicken on the stove with extra virgin olive oil and boiled the pasta. I didn't really like the homemade dressing, so, i don't think I'll be trying it again. It was too strong, it tasted too much like virgin olive oil. I realize that explanation of the taste was horrible, but I don't really know I better way to explain it.

After dinner, I hit the gym, I did a short 45 min workout. I ran for 30 mins on the treadmill at a 2%-5% incline and ran/walked from 4.5-6 speed. So, it would be a pretty easy workout if my shins weren't killing me. I really need to get a tennis ball to see if that will help my shin splints. After that I did a two sets of crunches, 100 each. This workout is basically just training me for my PFT. I need to get my score up so, I can get promoted, it's basically the only thing I can do to get a higher score. I totally meant to share a sweaty picture of myself, but I forgot.

Side note: Although, this is titled workouts: Day 4, this is technically at least my 6th day of working out because I worked out Saturday and Sunday too. I just thought I would add that in because I was feeling a little bad about my lack of working out. Since, these are al supposed to only be two weeks and I'm only on 4, but 6 sounds a lot better.

Anyways, back to my day, right now, I'm getting ready to go to Sophia's trivia night in Downtown. I'm really excited to see two of my friends that I met freshmen year. I haven't seen them in a couple of months and we all still live in Davis, ridiculous, I should definitely see them more often. Anyways, I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow because I'll probably get home to late to update.

Shirt: American Eagle, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 3 years ago
Shoes: TBD, probably my vans, 1 year ago

If you didn't notice, I'm not wearing any shoes in this picture. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to wear yet. I'll probably wear my vans because they sound comfy and those are usually the shoes I wear to a bar unless, I'm in a skirt or dress. I need more shoes to wear out. I feel like you can always use more clothes and accessories.

23 and I already feel Old

Fever You Can't Sweat Out
The babysitting job I do now, is less babysitting and more driving and sitting while the kids are at their activities. On to the reason I feel old at the ripe old age of 23. While driving to swim practice a Panic @ the Disco song came on. Yes, you read that correctly Panic @ the Disco, I think they came out with a new CD a couple of years ago, but "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" is not on the new album or rather it at least wasn't originally released them.

So, I'm talking to the little boy I'm babysitting and I realize he has probably never heard this song before because I realize this song came out when I was in middle school. I distinctly remember listening to it in like the 8th grade. I remember loving the Panic @ the Disco CD that was big at that time in general. Anyways, I realize this song is at least 10 years old. I'm old enough to remember songs from my childhood. Basically, it made me feel old.

The 8 year old boy was very nice though. He told me he didn't think I was old, however, he did think me in the 8th grade was 15 years ago, but we'll chalk that up to not knowing how old people are in certain grades. He was very insistent that he did not think I was old, it was very nice of him.

My Old Converse 
Another reason I'm feeling a little old right now, has to do with my post that will come out a little later tomorrow. I distinctly remember writing about my outfit today (January 13th, 2015) and going on a rant about my converse and how I'm wearing my old ones, but I have new ones sitting in my room. However, I was just looking at my post and that rant is no where to be seen. Did I accidentally delete it, or was I simply thinking about writing it? I really have no idea because I cannot find this rant.

I thought, maybe I just wrote it in an earlier post or one of the posts I'm preparing to release later, nope, I can't find it anywhere. So, for my sanity I'm going to go with somehow I deleted it while closing my browser or something refresh error happened, I really don't know. I swear I wrote this somewhere. It's really freaking me out that I don't know what happened to it. I'm 23 and I'm losing my mind, what is this, isn't this not supposed to happen for at least another 50 years? Have a good day guys and look out for my regularly scheduled post later today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Ordinary Day

Sorry, there was no post yesterday. I was so busy Sunday. I didn't have time to write one, it also didn't help that I didn't remember to take any pictures because I was so exhausted.

Sunday January 11th, 2015 recap: I started my Sunday with a 3 mile motto run with my marine corps unit. My leg started to hurt about half way through, but I'm really glad I made it all the way until the end. I'm pretty sure my leg is mostly healed by now. I'll know for sure Tuesday when, I'm not too busy to go to the gym.

After that, I pretty much spent all of Sunday on the computer, nothing to exciting with the marine corps. We got released around 4:30. I went straight home took a shower and went to Guadalajara Grill with my family for my birthday. I got the green enchiladas. They were ok, it didn't help that I wasn't really in the mood for enchiladas. I wasn't really in the mood for Mexican food in general and the enchiladas sounded the best on the menu. I also got a strawberry margarita with my dinner. It was really good, I could barely taste the tequila. I'm not a big fan of tequila, it usually doesn't agree with my stomach.

Monday, January 12th, 2015: For a birthday, today, was nothing excited. My outfit choice wasn't even good. Lol. I dressed for comfort, I was still so tired from yesterday, I didn't even want to pick out an outfit. However, it ended up being a lot of effort finding comfy workout clothes. So, I maybe should of put on cute clothes, but then I would not have been super comfy all day.

Shirt: Old Navy, Recent
Workout Pants Bootcut: Gap, 1 year ago
Shoes: Nikes, 3 years ago

Today really wasn't anything exciting, my friend got me a hot chocolate for my birthday. It was really nice of him. I love hot chocolate. When I went to check the mail right before work, the office had made popcorn. I was so excited. I love popcorn. I'm actually contemplating having some right now, but its a little late for a snack.

Anyways, after that, I went to work for a little bit, came home, and did my homework. It was really a boring day. I had to go through like 3 lectures for my online communication class because I had 3 quizzes due before midnight. Some of them were actually pretty interesting, but listening to three lectures back to back gets old really fast.

My roommates all came in and sang me happy birthday and gave me a cookie brownie (which was really good btw). Then they wanted me to take a shot, so, I did. No, one would take one with me. I forget why, but they didn't. So, it was a little awkward because they were all just watching me, but it was fun, we all chatted for a little bit which is rare. So, it was really nice.

One of my oldest and dearest friends wrote a post about me on Instagram today, it made me feel super special. I just wanted to share it with you because I just loved it.

It was a pretty day today though, but all in all nothing exciting. Maybe I'll do something this weekend, I haven't really decided yet. I hope you guys had a good Monday. In conclusion, 23 feels a lot like 22.


12th Birthday? 
This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I wasn't really excited for my birthday. I would of been perfectly fine if it simply came and went. I don't know if its because I'm getting older or if it's because it was on a Monday. There's not really much to do on Mondays, I did once go play beer pong at a bar on a Monday. It was actually pretty fun. I wouldn't mind going again, but it wasn't in davis. In college town there has to be a place that does that though.

Anyways, it got me thinking, do birthdays become less important as we get older? We all know about the dreaded 30th birthday, its consistently depicted in media. I recently saw how sad my brother-in-law was to turn 30. We know the 13th birthday is big because you're finally a teenage, the 16th because you can drive a car, the 18th because you're legally an adult, the 21st birthday arguably being the biggest because you can now drink. So, what happens between the ages of 21 and the dreaded 30th birthday?

Do we simply care less? When do birthday's stop being the big deal they were when we were little? Does that happen or is it more dependent on what is happening in our lives? My friend turned 24 over the summer and he was super excited about his birthday. We went out 3 days in a row for it, each day bigger then the day before. It was a really fun weekend.

21st Birthday in San Diego
Last year, I literally did nothing except go out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend at the time. I had drill that weekend too, but I got into a car accident the Friday before and ended up not having to go. Don't worry it was nothing serious. However, I was still looking forward to it, even though I had nothing planned. I was still excited, but the day was really nothing special at all. I may have been excited though simply because I no longer had to go to drill and got to sit around all day on the couch instead.

I think this year, I knew I was busy the weekend before my birthday and my birthday was on a Monday, so, there wasn't really much I could do for it. So, I wasn't excited because I knew nothing could really happen. There's nothing to be excited for if you can't celebrate. Basically, I think the happiness around birthdays is situational, and then you hit 30. I don't know how that feels yet because I'm not there and I'm not ready to be there. I'm worried enough about not being super excited for this birthday. Whenever your birthday is, whether you're looking forward to it or not, I hope you have a good one and one that simply you enjoy. Because your birthday is all about you.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


This morning started with a good ole Marine Corps hike. I was a little worried it would strain my calf muscle more, but luckily it didn't hurt that bad. I was perfectly fine on the flat ground. It was really the uphill that hurt it, I think it was the stretching that the uphill hiking causes your calf muscle to do. It didn't help that i was really paranoid about hurting it, so, I was walking slower at first in general, specifically to not hurt myself more. However, it turned out perfectly fine, yay! I was definitely very aware of how my two legs felt though. My left one, the one that's hurt had a slight pain all the way through and it never got worse after the initial uphill.

Anyways, hopefully, it will continue to not be too much pain because we have a 4 mile run tomorrow.  My calf hurting during that would be no fun, that is when the original pain started, and I couldn't even run a mile. So, hopefully it doesn't start to hurt again. 

My outfit this morning was hilarious. I was wearing my black american eagle jeans with my UCD sweater, sounds totally normal right, it wasn't. I had to wear my combat boots with this and my skinny jeans were not going to fit over the top of my pants. So I put my socks over my pants like a silly person and then rolled my socks over my boots. Not until we were on the hike did someone tell me that I could of put my socks under my pants. It's a good idea, but I don't know if I would of liked it.

Spent the rest of the day just doing stuff on the computer in the office in my cammies. Anyways, at dinner, I finally got to put on comfy clothes again. I was originally really disappointed with the fact that I left my shoes in my car. However, when I found this sweater, i really liked how it looked with my running shoes. I wish this picture showed it better because I think it looked so much better in person. It is definitely a comfy day outfit.

Sweater: 3 years ago
Pants: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Shoes: Nike, 1 year ago

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Doctors, Doctors, and more Doctors

So, today I went to the doctor to see about my leg. She didn't think it was anything to worry about, but she recently had someone my age with a blood clot, so, she sent me to get an ultrasound just to make sure. So, then later in the day I went to my second doctors appointment. It turned out it was nothing to worry about, just a muscle strain. She said I can go on my hike tomorrow, just have to make sure not to push it too hard if it starts to hurt. That's pretty good advice for when anything hurts.

In between my two doctors appointments I went for lunch with one of my friends at BJ's. I got the California Burger, but without green chilies and I substituted the pepper-jack cheese for cheddar. I love cheddar cheese, its my favorite. Anyways, the burger was delicious. I do wish it had a little more avocado though because more avocado is never a bad thing.

As i was driving to my second doctors appointment from BJ's I passed by Rasputin's and Blondie's Pizza. Usually this isn't anything important, but for some reason today it reminded me of the day I got into my first accident. Well, not my first accident, the first one I was in, my boyfriend at the time was driving. We were headed to the pizza place that was right here, when, we got in an accident on the way there. We later learned that this pizza place wasn't even open anymore. I wanted to try it because I had never been there before, but I guess it's open again. So, maybe it's finally time I try it, hopefully nothing bad will happen this time. Anyways, I hope you guys had a good day, sorry for the side story.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Internship: Day 1

Thursday, January 8th

I can't really talk about my internship that much apparently, at least, no specifics. Anyways, I didn't really do anything today except get acquainted with the office. It seems like it will be a pretty fun and interesting place to work. The style of clothing people where there are also all very different, so, I have no idea what I should be wearing. Scratch that, I do, as long as it's business casual or dressier, I mostly just don't know what I want my style to be I think. Anyways, I wore one of the new dresses I got with my grandma. I'm in love with it. I just wish you could wear dresses a lot, it's too obvious when you wear them often. Anyways, here was the outfit I wore on the first day of my internship.

Dress: BCX, Macy's, recent
Cardigan: H&M, old
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

I actually like the dress better without the cardigan, but I thought to be safe I better wear the cardigan to hide my shoulders. Business attire used to mean no shoulders, so, I covered them up. I hope this dress also looks cute with a blazer because I need to invest in one of those soon. I need lots of business clothes.

There's a waterfall at the entrance of my internship. It's super pretty. At least for an office building waterfall, the picture does not do it justice. I would of taken another picture before I left, but the congressmen's office looks directly out to the waterfall and they all would of seen me take the picture. That would of been a little embarrassing. I didn't feel like being embarrassed on my first day there, even though I probably never would of known they even saw me do it.  However, it still consciously crossed my mind, so, I did not do it.

I got out of my internship a little early since we weren't doing much today. I headed home ate lunch and went to class. On a normal day it will probably be kind of a tight squeeze, but it will have to do since, I need an internship for my resume. I will probably like the internship, but it is also really good for resume experience.

So, my outfit for class today was something I don't normally wear together. The black and bright blue pants are really contrasting to me, when I left the house I really didn't think it looked good at all, but I didn't want to change. However, when I looked at the pictures, I really liked how it turned out with the vans. I'm really happy I wore those instead of my new converse. I liked how the black top and black shoes counteracted the bright blue pants in the middle. I think it came out really nice. What do you think?

Shirt: Vans, 1 year ago
Pants: Gap, Recent
Shoes: Vans, 1 year ago

After my one class for the day, I didn't have work today. So, I went home ate lunch, watched a couple Friends episodes and waited for my package to come in. It never came in. I even left for home planning to stop at Comcast before heading home. Then I realized I left my computer charger, so, I went to Comcast and then back to my apartment and still no package. So, I guess, it wasn't meant for me to do my homework this weekend.

On the way home I saw the prettiest sunsets. I wish I could have taken pictures of them all. I haven't seen ones this pretty in a while, and I definitely haven't taken pictures of them in forever. So, I spent some time at home ate some dinner

After that, I went to my sisters and hung out with them and my nephews. I was checking out my sister's new computer when Q came and cuddled up with me, it was so cute. X was being his normal self and being so mean and stubborn and not giving hugs and kisses, but I still love him so much. I hate not being able to see them whenever I want, it's going to suck even more if I move. I am ready for a new scenary though, but we'll see what happens, It all depends how my job hunt goes in June. I'm really not looking forward to that, searching for jobs is no fun.

After hanging with them, I went out with one of my friends to a bar in my hometown, Vinnie's. Every Thursday, the bar has a salsa night. They love it, I'm not very good at salsa dancing, so, I'm whatever about it, but it's nice to go out with them. I'm really bad at salsa dancing, but its usually pretty fun. I pretty much wore the same outfit, I just changed my pants to make it more going out, meaning, I changed into a slightly darker pair of pants. I thought we were just getting drinks, which to me meant we were staying for like an hour at most. I mean we only stayed for two, but still. I didn't think it would be that long, or else I would of put on more of a night shirt.

If you're wondering where my workout for the day was, I didn't do one today. I realized I actually might of hurt one of my calves yesterday. It hurt all day, I hope it's just sore from a workout, but it doesn't really feel like that. So, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure hiking on it this weekend won't hurt it more. So, no workout today, maybe tomorrow depending on what the doctor says.  Anyways, I hope you guys had a good day.