Friday, January 16, 2015

Busy Day: Work and Shopping

Today, was a crazy busy day. Most of this will be part of my normal Thursday, but there was an added shopping trip. I finally went to Banana Republic and got the work clothes I've been needing for awhile now. Anyways, I started my day driving to Sacramento for my internship for two hours. I wore the other work that my grandma got me. She loved this one one me, so, I had to get it. Sorry, if my hair is kinda messy, I didn't know how to do it and did not feel like straightening it today. Yes, this is how I wore it to my internship, my roommates said it looked fine. I'm hoping it pictured worse then it was.

Dress: Macy's: Kensie, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Before class, I stopped by my apartment for a little bit, changed, ate a snack of some kind, I really cannot remember what I ate, and headed off to class. I finally wore the shirt I've been wanting to wear. The outfit is nothing special, I actually wear this outfit a lot to bars when I feel like being comfy cute. I dunno why, the top is just a t-shirt, but I really like it. It looks extra cute with my leather jacket which is of course at my parents house. This half living two places thing really isn't working out well for my wardrobe.

Shirt: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Jeans: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Shoes: Converse, Old

I usually wear this outfit out with my vans, but I didn't feel like putting in the wear and tear on them today. I thought, I would have to walk home from campus, which I normally would of done, but I was beyond tired and did not feel like walking at all. So, I waited for the bus.

I barely had enough time to eat before I had to head to work. After work, I came home, had a boring ham sandwich, there wasn't even cheese. I've been too busy to even have time to go to the grocery store this week. Then me and my friend went to the Outlets in Vacaville, I got a bunch of bottoms, but I'm sure work shirts are a lot easier to find. I got two pairs of pants, a skirt and a blazer. I'm really excited about all the clothes I got.

I wish I could of gotten this red shirt, but 30 dollars was just too much today. So, I passed on it because I figured I had shirts at home I could wear for now. I totally like how it looked with this skirt though. I kind of wish I bought it and then decided, but it's fine.

I also went into the Kate Spade outlet. This, was not a good idea because now, I'm in love with this tiny purse. 90 dollars was a totally good price for the purse, but I don't really need it, So, it wasn't in the budget this month. Hopefully, it will be soon though because I'm in love with it, it will be perfect for shopping trips, I can stop taking my big purse everywhere. Plus, I've had it for a year and I can tell its getting old which is making me so sad because I love it so much.

Lastly, I ended my day with a late dinner. One, of my normal meals, Chicken and Rice. I love it, it's always so good. I have no idea why, it's pretty boring. I'm pretty sure I like its all I ate when I was little. I enjoyed it while watching some friends. It was really nice and relaxing after a long day.

Have you guys had any big exciting shopping trips lately? 

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