Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Busy schedules

Being this busy with school and work means, I don't really have time to write a post. I spent all night writing a paper that I thought was going to take like two hours. It definitely took way longer then that. I started at 6, it is now midnight, granted I took many breaks with the show Friends. I'm almost done with it, it's a little sad not only because I'm almost done, but because it just came out on the 1st. 

I wanted to show you my outfit today because it was really just something I threw on. Most of my clothes were still in the car from this weekend and I was running super late. So, I didn't have time to run down and look at them all, but surprisingly I was really in love with the outfit. Too bad winter is almost over and the boots will soon be going back into the closet or wherever you put your winter items. 

Sorry, for the short post today. I didn't do much anyways. I was supposed to go to a movie, but that fell through since I couldn't finish my paper, but it was really just work and school. Hope your day was better then mine. 

What do you guys do with your winter clothes when the season change? I just hide mine in my dresser until winter comes out again, but I am interested where I can put my shoes, so they're not in the way all the time. 

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