Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Today, I woke up and finally decided I was going to wear my plaid shirt. I no longer cared that it was wrinkled. The shirt was still wrinkled, but not as much as it was before since it had been hanging. I hate ironing. I wore my cowgirl outfit yesterday as I like to call it.

Shirt: American Eagle, 2 years ago?
Tank Top: Old Navy, 1 year ago
Pants: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

I finally remembered to take money with me to work and I was able to stop at Big 5 on my way home and get a a new sports bra to hold me out until I get mine from home. I might order some more online, but they're so expensive. I'll let you know how it works tomorrow when I wear it, it's a little different then the ones I normally wear.

Yesterday, I was craving a chicken grilled cheese, which I've never had before it my life. So, I have no idea why I was craving it, but I was. I used a chicken breast and to make it a little smaller, I cut it in half. Well, attempted it a better word because it looks nothing like how they show you on the cooking pages. Then I cooked the chicken, nice and simply, I just grilled it on the stove. That took 5 or 10 minutes at most. Next, i made my grilled cheese, since, these cheese slices from Trader Joe's are so thick, I normally only use one because I'm in college and poor. However, to keep the chicken in the sandwich I thought it would be a good idea to use two or else the chicken would just all fall out. This worked perfectly.

That white thing is the chicken. 
The grilled cheese was so good. I'm so happy I tried it and didn't let me thinking it was just a weird craving make me skip it. I will definitely be trying it again. You guys should also try grilled cheese and avocado. If the avocado is ripe, they're to die for. Now, I want one of those too, maybe I'll stop by Safeway tomorrow since its my day off.

Have you guys ever craved something you've never had? or cooked anything new lately? Let me know so, I can try it. Well... if it's simply I will, I generally don't have enough ingredients for the really good stuff.

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