Friday, January 23, 2015

Early Mornings

Waking up at 7 makes me ridiculously tired, and granted, I don't actually roll out of bed until closer to 8. Today, I had to go to my internship, I love the outfit I had on, I just need to get the pants hemmed I realized. I thought they would flow over the heels, but the boot cut isn't wide enough for them to do that. I really like this shirt, but I don't get to wear it that often, it just never looks right for the occasion. It's actually not that right for this one because its a tank top and I'm pretty sure those aren't allowed at our office, but with my blazer it worked out fine.

Blazer: Banana Republic, Recent
Tank Top: Pac Sun, 1 year ago
Pants: Banana Republic, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Sorry you can't really see the blazer. 
These pants aren't the normal work pant material? I don't know exactly what to color them, but they're not the type of material my mom wears, or the material I would think they would normally be. They're a stretchy material, they're the most comfy things in the whole wide world. Today, I wore the Ryan fit from Banana, I'll have to look up the specific leg cut and everything because the Ryan is the waist and thigh fit.

The pictures of my work outfits generally aren't as good because the lighting in the mornings when I take my pictures doesn't get as much sun as 8 as it does at 10. So, a good pictures isn't nearly as easy to take.

I came straight home and went to class, but half way to the bus stop I realized I didn't know where my ID Card was to get on the bus and I was already running late. So, by the time I got back to my house, I figured there was no point trying to rush to get a bush that I would probably miss. It also didn't help that I was super tired and didn't feel like feeling like I was going to fall asleep for an hour and a half. Anyways, I changed already, and ended up wearing this all day.

Shirt: Kmart, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 3 years ago
Shoes: Converse, Old

I know Kmart isn't generally wear I get my clothing, but I really like this shirt. I don't know what it is about it. Anyways, it fits a little weird in the shoulders, but nothing too noticeable because I stopped noticing it and you can't tell when looking at it or at least I can't. I wanted to wear it with a different pair of pants, but I couldn't find anything that I loved it with, so, I just gave up since I had to rush to catch the bus that I missed.

I was about to get dressed and go to the gym for once this week until I remembered that all my sport bras are somehow at home. I really have no clue how that happened, just one of the many reasons why living in two places is absolutely the worse, can't wait for that to end, hopefully before the end of 2015.

The little boy I babysit is sick, so, there was going to be no work for me today, but she felt so bad about the little amount of hours that I got this week. So, she asked around if anyone needed a sitter. So, I watched the little boy's friends in the evening while his friend's mom ran all over time driving her other two children here and there. They had a crazy hyper dog, but when she called down she would just sit in your lap. It was actually kinda nice.

Before going over to babysit the kids, I actually put some effort into making my dinner and lunch for tomorrow. I made some pasta, cooked some Apple Chardonnay Sausage for Trader Joes and made sausage pasta with traditional basil sauce. It was pretty good. It looks like a really small batch, but it actually filled me up, I'm pretty sure. Sometimes I worry I eat too much because I cook something that's supposed to be for two days and then I eat it all. Although, I'm just now getting hungry, so, It must of filled me up and its way past my time to go to sleep.

Do you guys ever lose your ID Card? Or miss class simply because we're in college and its acceptable?

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