Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Motorcycle Ride

So.... I know you're totally curious if I ended up working out yesterday. I did do a short ab workout. It felt good just to do a little something. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll finally do that run I've been trying to do for days now. I know it's called the super sweaty ab workout, I got it from the Peanut Butter Fingers but, i actually didn't find it to be that sweaty. It was a pretty good way to start my first workout for the week, nice and easy to ease myself into it, at least, I hope that's how it ends up working.

Onto my outfit of the day. It was a nice and casual sweater and boots day. It was actually pretty warm when the sun was up. I didn't even need a jacket, but once the sun went down it was freezing.

I don't actually know how much I like this sweater, I got it in a size small and I think I should of gotten an x-small. I thought the x-small would be too small in the sleeves, but I tried my sisters on (because I got her the same shirt for Christmas) and it actually fit fine. Even though, I think it's a little bad I don't think it's really that noticeable.

Sweater: Old Navy, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 3 years ago
Boots: Cathy Jean, 4 years ago

I finally got my black boots in, but I left them at home with my parents on accident. I also haven't worn them yet because they're a little stiff and I'm not sure if boots are always like that. So, I'm worried I'll wear them and they'll never get better and I'll be stuck with them. I guess I better try them soon though because I won't know until I try to break them in.

Lastly, for the title of my post today. I've only been on one motorcycle ride before, and that was forever ago. So, I barely remember it. It also doesn't help that I feel like we went super slow on the bike because we were on a military base and it was a Harley I'm pretty sure (which means its a totally different feeling when you ride the bike, I'm pretty sure).

So, basically, my friend came to visit before his trip to Europe (I'm super jealous) and to drop off some stuff he needed me to turn in for him with the Marine Corps. I've been wanting a ride on a motorcycle for like a year now, so, I made sure he came up on it, so, I could get a ride.

We didn't go very far though, but for the first time it was pretty nice. He said next time I'll get to go on the freeway, it sounds really scary. So, it's really good i couldn't go this time because this time I was a little scared when the bike would speed up and slow down. It would be so easy to fall off that thing I feel like. I think it would be so cool to be able to ride one by myself one day, but I have horrible balance and they're really heavy. Plus, I'd have to make sure it was low enough for my feet to reach the ground. I could only reach the ground on my tip toes. Basically, it was fun and I can't wait to do it again.

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