Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Morning Class.

This morning, that wonderful one page paper I had do that I was totally stressing about yesterday, was postponed because class ended up being cancelled. This would be wonderful news if I hadn't finished my paper already. However, it did end up being great news because I realized I had not yet done my communication homework. I wouldn't have had time to listen to all my lectures later because I was working a ton today. So, either way it worked out.

I really like my outfit today without shoes on, and I thought black boots or shoes would look absolutely amazing. However, I definitely didn't like the black boots, I actually thought it looked kinda bad which made zero sense to me. So, then I put on my vans. It didn't look bad, but I wasn't in love with it like I thought it would be, so, I was a little let down today with my outfit.

Shirt: Target?, Old
Jeans: Old Navy, Recent
Cardigan: Gift, Recent
Shoes: Vans, 1 year ago

Then, I was off to class, my teacher told us a ton of information about our paper today. Which, would of been really nice if it wasn't due at 10 o'clock tonight and I had longer then a 2 hour break in-between my jobs to finish it all. Basically, today was a busy day, and she should of told us all this information before.

It's a really good thing I didn't end up wearing my boots today because they seriously need to be worn in and I ended up walking home from campus. I got to my apartment way before the bus and I even stopped for a Starbucks. It usually gets there around the same time, but today I guess it was really late, this is why I walk when there is 20 minutes between buses. Anyways, on the way home I saw these new update crosswalk buttons. They're new and pretty, the old ones I think were broken and torn off.

Lastly, when I got home from work I finally tried my chocolates filled with alcohol that I got in a gift exchange for Christmas. I finally decided to just break it open and try it. I waited to long for a fun night to try it. We both tried a whiskey one, but I tried the Jim Bean and she tried Canadian Club I believe. I really liked mine, its very little amounts of alcohol, I know because you have to drink it out of the bottle. So, its no major alcohol. She said hers was really good to and that it would be fun to have during a hang out or whatever. I'll see what I end up using it for.

Did you guys see anything new today? New restaurant, new building? Were you excited about your outfit?

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