Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shades of Grey

Today was the first day back at school, work,and well reality. Today I have Pol 126: Ethnic Culture and UWP 104A: Business Writing, both do not seem like they're going to be very interesting and they also seem to have a lot of work. So, it appears I have a lot of work ahead of me this quarter, just thinking about it is making me tired. If you're wondering about my picture choice. I take the bus everyday to class and I never walk past the UC Davis sign. So, a picture of the bus felt fitting.

When I woke up I really did not want to get dressed, mostly, because I didn't want to leave my bed. It was so nice and warm. Anyways, I eventually did and decided I shouldn't go to class in workout clothes, at least the first day. Once I thought about it I realized, I really wanted to wear my new grey jeans. (side note: they were only 3 dollars.) I originally wanted to wear my new light grey sweater with them, and decided it would be a Shades of Grey day, but it didn't really look right to me. So, I changed into this shirt instead.

Me being me and therefore, lazy, I didn't want to walk to my car and get my charcoal cardigan. So, I decided my soft-shell jacket would go well with this outfit because it would match my shoes. Getting dressed for the day is a lot about convince, at least for me. If I had to take my car to campus, it would make sense to wear the cardigan, but since I take the bus, why take an extra step going to the car to get the cardigan when the jacket works just as well. It also helped that I thought three different grey colors might be a little too much and that the black jacket and the black shoes might tie everything together. I personally think the outfit looks better without the jacket, but that it doesn't look bad with it. It's winter, I had to wear a jacket, half the time I was at work I was freezing even with the jacket on. I am definitely ready for summer.

Shirt: Pacsun, 1 year ago
Jeans: Old Navy, Recent
Shoes: Vans, 1 year ago
Jacket: Costco, Recent

The shirt is darker then the pants, it's hard to tell in these pictures, but they are two different colors. The pants are a like a dark fog grey, i don't know the actual name of the color. The shirt is a charcoal grey. I couldn't figure out how to wear my hair today, I left the house with it in a ponytail, but most of the day I wore it down and wavy.

I was supposed to workout today, go on a run and do an ab workout, but I got home after work and ate dinner. I was watching Friends with dinner and then crawled into bed watching it, and totally forgetting about going to the gym. I'm definitely better at going to the gym in the morning or doing home workouts. So, tomorrow morning it is for sure at 7.

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