Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Round Up: 1

Sorry, I've been M.I.A this weekend, but I think i will start doing that every weekend and having a nice Weekend Roundup at the end of the weekend. Which today ended on a Monday here in the United States because of Martin luther King Day.

Friday, January 16

Today was the first full day I spent at my internship, it was pretty fun. Everyone in the office is super nice. I mostly just answered the phone, it was really fun. I love answering phones, I think I would have a lot of fun being a receptionist and that I would be pretty good at it.

I wore my new skirt and blazer from Banana Republic Outlet, I love it. I can't wait to wear it again. I think i looked like a super cute business woman. Sadly, I don't have a good picture with the blazer on, but the outfit is still super cute without the blazer. I mostly wore the outfit without the blazer because I was inside and it was kinda hot, so, I really didn't need the blazer, but it was really nice to wear it when I walked in.

Shirt: Forever 21, Recent
Skirt: Banana Republic, Recent
Boots: Clarks, 3 years ago

Friday night my friend came over and we just hung out. We played some card games. It was really nothing exciting, but it was actually pretty fun. I went to sleep early because I was super tired from being at the office all day.

Saturday, January 17

Today, was a pretty boring day. I drove home at around 11 and then basically spent the rest of the day at my best friends house. I went over around 12, we got take out my sushi for lunch. Update: the Red Dragon roll is to die for. I'm definitely getting that next time I go. I only got two because we all liked it so much. After lunch, I interviewed her dad for my school report.

My best friend and I then went to the mall and Old Navy. We didn't really find anything we liked. I finally got Rockstars from Old Navy that fit. The ones I bought back in November I needed to exchange because they were too big, and they finally had my size in. After that,  we just went back to her house and hung out, we watched that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie, Blended, it was actually pretty good.

Sunday, January 18

Today, I went shopping with my mom at Kmart. I'm not a big fan of Kmart, but my mom really wanted to go since they were having 50% off winter and fall items. I actually found a couple of things, I'm pretty surprised.

I finally wore my new black boots out. They definitely need to be broken in though, they were kind of hurting my feet and I wore them for like an hour at most. I wish you could see them better. I'll have to take a better picture and post it for you tomorrow. However, my outfit was pretty boring, but I actually kind of like it because it was nice and simple and comfy.

Shirt: Gift, Recent
Pants: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Boots: Just Fab, Recent

P.S. Sorry for the dirty mirror. Also, this weekend taught me that dressing for you guys is a lot of work. So, it was nice just dressing however, I wanted and being comfy. When I get dressed knowing I'm going to write about it, I feel like it has to look super cute. Therefore, I think really hard about what I have to wear and I didn't really do that this weekend until I picked my clothes out for Sunday night. So, it was nice to think about what I'm wearing a little bit less.

After that, my mom and I went to late lunch at 1/4 lb. I just had a normal cheese burger medium rare. This restaurant is right around the corner of my house, but I haven't been there that many times. I remember it being better then it was, but considering it's a 24 hour diner it was actually pretty good. Apparently its a chain, but I've never seen another one. I go to Digger's another hamburger joint in Concord and I like that one a lot better, I should of gone there.

After that my sister K came over for a little while with her two boys. It was so nice to see them. I always love seeing them. I did not do that much with them. X thought it was super funny to hit me really hard in the butt. It wasn't, it actually kind of hurt for a 5 year old hitting me.

Lastly, me and some friend went to Farrington's in Pleasant Hill for Karaoke night. It was really fun, I'm so happy we went. We mostly just hung out and talked, but I did sing one song with one of my friends. This guy totally heckled me though because we didn't really know the song, but the DJ stood up for us. Karaoke is supposed to be fun, you don't have to sing the song right or on pitch and that's exactly how we song it, we had a blast.

When I got back to my friends house we drew this beautiful card for our friend Adam. It started as a joke, but we actually ended up making him one. My best friend was really excited about her firework making abilities.

Monday, January 19

Today, I went and got my hair cut and colored the roots, I guess is what you would call it. I like that its just the under layer part of my hair that is colored because you can't tell when its growing out meaning, I can wait longer in between touch ups. It's really nice, I waited like 4 months before getting it done and usually you have to do it like every month I would think.

This is what I wore today, nothing special. I literally didn't bring a normal shirt to wear out because I thought I was just going to be home for a day. So, I borrowed this shirt from my best friend, but I'll probably end up keeping it because I don't think she likes it that much anymore. She was worried about the shirt getting dye on it and then when i told her to give me one she didn't care about she gave me this one. I actually kind of like. It's a little more lose then I would like, but since it was free it's pretty nice.

Shirt: American Eagle, Old
Pants: Old Navy, recent
Vans: Vans, 1 year ago

I mostly wanted to post this picture of my outfit so you could see the length of my hair now compared to what it was like on Friday. It's not that noticeable to other people I think, but it's pretty noticeable to me. She cut off like 2 inches which is a lot because you're supposed to go every six weeks and cut like half an inch or something. Idk, I don't know how your hair even has time to grow if you do that, but according to my hairstylist Stephanie, at Ulta in Dublin it is very important.

After, that I went home and hung out with my sister and her boys again until everyone left to go to my brother's basketball game. Then I left and drove back up to davis. I planned to start my homework right away, but I ended up being on the phone with Comcast for like an hour to try to get my roommate internet access in her room. It turns out he couldn't even help us. He actually made it worse before making it work exactly the same way again.

We finally found out that we probably need a different newer model of router that has a bigger radius so that it can reach the whole apartment, but we won't even get it for like another week. So, hopefully the internet won't work too bad this week because we can't even pick it up at the Comcast store. I had plans to go go karting, but I finished my homework late and I was way too tired to drive out there. So, we rescheduled for another day, I'm not really sure when we plan on going now though.

Anyways, what did you guys do on your 3 day weekend? Anything special? Or just take the extra day to relax?

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