Sunday, January 4, 2015

Workouts: Day 1

Sorry that I completely failed at my recipe making challenge. I was not nearly as available to do it as I thought I would be during Christmas break. Yesterday, I started the morning off shopping with my grandma for some business clothes. Which, I'm sure you will all see soon enough. I'm very excited about them. We went shopping at Macy's, she loves Macy's. My friend also invited me to the gym, so, I did start that yesterday.

PBFingers image
My first workout of the year would of been a good workout if I actually did it all, but I was being lazy and my stomach was kind of hurting. I did two workouts from Peanut Butter Fingers' blog, the two workouts would probably be amazing if I was feeling better and knew how to do all the moves. The first one I did was a treadmill workout because I need to start running. My Physical Fitness Test is in March. I only have 3 months left to get a good time, well, at least a better time then last year. 

PBFingers image
I was only able to do about half of the treadmill workout because I started to get pretty bad shin splints and I didn't feel like pushing it to hard. I don't like when they hurt hella bad and I always have this fear of falling off of the treadmill. It's a little silly, I know, but it's possible. 

Then I did a bootcamp workout. It's 10 excersizes 1 minute each. I didn't know how to do all of them which posed a slight problem. I'm not exactly sure what pulsing squats are so, I just did normal squats. Lunge with a front kick, I was completely lost on what the heck that was. So, I just did normal lunges. 

That, was pretty much my day. I didn't end up going out last night which was actually kind of nice because around 8 I was getting tired. I was ready to be putting on my comfy clothes and boy did they feel oh so nice. 

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