Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Workouts: Day 2

Gym on Campus (ARC website)
Working out is hard, for me its all about a schedule and motivation, without any of that, I'm almost guaranteed to not go to the gym. Even though, I know I should be training, and that working out would be great, and that I always feeling amazing after, even if I am tired. It is still just ridiculously hard to start going to the gym.

Doing an at home workout is ten times easier for me to start doing because I just put on my gym clothes and I'm ready to go, don't have to brave the cold or the heat (in the summer). However, we can't always train for what we want to do at home, sure most of it we probably can. I guess if you have a treadmill at home you basically can do everything at home, but if you don't have the equipment, you have to get up and go. You either have to walk outside and hit the pavement or make your way to the gym and do you workout there.

However, leaving my bed at 7am and going to face the cold and the gym, does not sound like fun for me. I'd rather sleep for the extra 2 hours and go later in the day. However, the issue here is by the time I'm done with school and work, its now not only cold out, but dark. The choice of running outside is no longer an option unless you want to be a dork and wear a glow belt. I guess you could wear cooler reflective gear, but I only own a glow belt for the Marine Corps, so, I'd feel like a dork.

Basically, I didn't go to the gym yesterday morning which, now means, I have to go tonight. Which, at this rate really really doesn't seem like its gonna happen because I really don't want to go. My issue with working out is, I like to workout for me, and most of the time I feel like I'm working out for the Marine Corps, does it make my workout any less rewarding and good for me? No, but it makes me not want to work out. So, my question to you guys is, how do I make my workout for me and not them, what can I do mentally?

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