Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Style

A couple weeks ago I went to the mall with a friend of mine and I instantly loved a pair of shorts at Tilly's. However, as I went to try them on I realized they looked a little short. Which isn't odd. I wear short shorts on the daily in the summer. However, my birthday just passed and I thought "Is 23 too old to wear shorts this short?"


I mean I'm not about to get rid of any the shorts I own, but should I really be buying more? As it turns out I tried them on and felt a little fat. He didn't seem to think they were that short, nor did he think I looked fat and we're about the same age. So, I thought it must just be in my head and I bought them. However, I was pretty sure I was going to return them since I felt a little chubby.

Then as I tried them on more I realized they actually looked really good and it really was all in my head the chubbiness and the length. However, then American Eagle was having a clearance sale and they had shorts that were similar to the ones I just bought. Plus, they were half the price. So, I had to order them.

So, I just tried the two pairs of shorts on because the first pair that I bought from Tilly's I need to return soon if I decide not to keep them. Over all i think I like Tilly's pair better. However, they're more then twice the cost of the American Eagle ones. Plus, if I roll the American Eagle ones they're about the same and if I never wear them I can just return them because they have an amazing return policy. (Side Note: Really if you shop there and don't know about their return policy you should ask me, look it up, or call them because its seriously amazing)

American Eagle
The American Eagle ones are a little longer then I would like and a little tight on my hips. I'm beginning to think my hips are widening or something. I almost always wear a size 2. The Tilly's ones fit amazingly, but I don't think I want to spent $30 dollars on them. I almost never spend that much on pants. It's probably a lot less then all you guys spend, but being in college I make not a lot of money. So, I will probably end up returning them both even though I love the Tilly's shorts.

Anyways, this all came back up again because I ran into this article online on Literally Darling, "25 Items to Stop Wearing By 25." Although, some of these clothes I don't wear now it got me to thinking is there anything I wouldn't wear now that I would wear in high school and there isn't really. I do like my pants to rise a little higher now though. However, maybe by the time I'm 25 I should no longer be wearing some of these things. I definitely think my short shorts will be out by them.

Plus as I get older. There is a lot less time to wear casual clothes. You wear professional clothes on a daily basis and then you go home and most likely eat dinner and go to sleep. I would probably do that anyways. I guess I'll find out in a couple months.

Is there anything you guys think you should no longer wear? And what do you think of my shorts? too short for 23?

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