Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Wine

Me and the fake lake.
On Sunday, I was supposed to go wine tasting with my family. We did get wine with my aunt, but I wouldn't really call it a tasting. Plans totally failed and yea. I'm pretty sure my mom is considering it my birthday present even though we had a discussion about it not being, but whatever. Us actually going wine tasting is never really gonna happen. Anyways, done with my ungrateful rant.

I did have a lot of fun and I'm happy I went. It's just not really what I wanted. We just got glasses of wine and didn't really do a tasting. Anyways, we started the day with lunch across the street from my aunt's winery. Well, the one she's a member of. It was a really cute little spot called Cornerstone Sonoma. It has some art shops, a sculpture walk, and 3 little winery tastings. They had a fake little lake on the property. It was so pretty. We didn't try any wine, but we stopped at the Cafe there. Which was actually a full on restaurant and really good one at that. Everyone really liked there food.

I got a grass-fed hamburger. It was delicious. A salad came with it as well and the dressing was amazing. Basically I loved my meal and it was totally filling. My aunt got the duck salad and she loved it. I tried the duck and it was pretty good. For some reason I thought duck would last like lamb. No, it tastes nothing like it. I think it's because they're both kinda rare things for people to eat. My mom of course got a seafood pasta. She seemed to like it, but she didn't say much. It was a little soup like which made me really confused because it was pasta not soup.

Anyways, after that we went to my Gloria Ferrar and got a couple glasses of wine. I tried the Chardonnay they had on the menu. It tasted pretty good and well like Chardonnay. I don't know if I would switch to the expensive brand, but it wasn't bad. I'll have to go try my two buck chuck to compare them. I also tried the 2010 blanc de blanc. My aunt and uncle love it, but I thought it was ok. I like my Chardonnay better, but since she like it so much. I had to try it.

We didn't bring and meats of cheese since we just had lunch, but my aunt did bake some cupcakes for my very belated birthday. They were delicious. I wish she brought more so, I could bring more to school. I only have one left. They were so good. Anyways, that was my day at attempting to wine taste.

This picture of the three of us I think my mom loves she says it looks like we're standing in front of a painting. I think I look a little funny because the sun was really bright and I'm not super thrilled with my outfit because I left my belt at school and my cardigan probably should of been black. But it's not a horrible picture. I'm also really happy I got a chance to wear a dress. I thought it would be cute to be dressed up for wine tasting and this is what I brought before I knew that wasn't gonna happen.

Mom, Me, and Auntie 

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