Thursday, February 19, 2015

Technological Age

Yesterday, I talked to one of my classmates and he told me that whenever he's in line he's tries to not pull out his phone. Today when I got on the bus, I originally did this unintentionally. As I looked around the bus I realized almost everyone was on their phone in some type of way. Whether they were doing homework, listening to music, texting or playing games.

Before cellphones being on busses and waiting in lines I feel like was a key moment for people to meet and talk to a random stranger everyday. However, with our society today, we're all too busy engrossed in our own lives and trying to avoid others. We are all insanely attached to our phones. However, whenever you lose it or can't use it for a couple of days it is actually refreshing. However, because of the dependency our society has on these technologies we could never voluntarily get rid of these items without hindering the life we choose to have.

I use my computer, my iPad, and my phone on a daily basis. The only time I don't use the first two is if I'm busy outside of my house all day or if I happen to forget them somewhere. Basically my apple products are my life. This idea of taking yourself away from technology for a little bit during the day is often brought up. And not just to me because I'm obsessed with my technology as K would say, but because in today's day and age most people are.

Apple Life. iPhone took photo
Some of you may or may not know that today is Ash Wednesday. Which if you're Catholic means its that time of the year again to give up something you love. Or if you're me, you think you can live without. So, this year, I've decided to try to live without my cellphone during those awkward moments when you don't want to talk to someone. So, on the bus, waiting in line, waiting for a friend, walking (haha), the list goes on and go.

Side Note: i totally think the walking one is hilarious right now. Not just because I do it on the regular, but also because I saw a couple walking together and the two were seriously just staring at their phones. Isn't the idea that you're hanging out with one another because you enjoy one another's company. Basically, we surround ourselves with the use of our phones even when it is not necessary, when the person you are with you should be completely comfortable with.

My mom will love this because I currently am on my phone 50% of the time we go to lunch or dinner or anywhere really. I always give her the excuse that she's my mom and it's different. However, it still is just as rude even if they are your parent... I don't like to admit it either, but its true.

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