Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Round up 3

So, I haven't posted one of these in a couple weeks. Maybe it hasn't been a couple weeks, but it definitely feels like its been forever. Anyways, this weekend was pretty fun. It was nothing crazy, but I really enjoyed it.

Friday I went home right after my internship, hung out for a little bit and then went out with some friends to Farrington's. They just got back from the Warriors game. So, they went out in their dress blue Charlies like a bunch of dorks. They got free drinks though. So, worked out for them.

Farrington's was super crowded that night and I was DD, but it was still a lot of fun. We played a game of pool, but it was little hard to get a table since, it was so crowded. There was also a variety of age ranges there. That night I found out that my friend on the right deployed with another friend of mine that I went to the school house with. He saw my snapchat and freaked out about it and texted me. It was pretty crazy, but it definitely shows you how small the Marine Corps is.

Saturday I guess I did quite a bit considering I spent the whole afternoon working at Old Navy. In the morning I went to breakfast with some friends. I had my first mimosa ever. Only like a year late. I was supposed to go last year the morning after NYE, but that never happened. We did have Belgian waffles that day. Anyways, the mimosa was pretty good. My friend was super excited to show us 1800 Cafe, but it was nothing special. The mimosa was pretty good, but definitely not worth how much we paid. No wonder people always go for the bottomless ones. I would definitely have gone for that if I did have to work later.

Work was actually pretty fun. I saw everyone I love at Old Navy. They all just happened to be working. It was kinda crazy and amazing. I miss them. They definitely made my 8 hour shift worth it. I was super tired by the end of my shift, but it was really nice to see them all.

That night I decided not to go to the city with the guys. I didn't really have clothes to wear and I just wasn't feeling it for some reason. So, I went to Walnut Creek at got drinks with one of my other friends. I totally forgot to take a picture though. I just showed him around Walnut Creek since he's never been. We started at Stadium Pub. It's a pretty chill bar, hella people just go and hang out. It's nothing like special, but a lot of people are there and it's a really chill atmosphere. I always see people taking shots which, is fun.

After that we went to a bar I've never been to, 1515 Restaurant & Lounge. We kept seeing people go in, but the bar wasn't getting any fuller. So, we were super confused. So, we explored inside and realized everyone was going upstairs. Although, upstairs was people more around our age they, weren't really doing anything different then the people downstairs. it would be a pretty chill place to dance if people danced. There's enough space and everything. Downstairs was an older crowd, but it was easier to get a drink and to talk.

I started talking to someone next to me to see what upstairs was like, if it gets any more fun. She said it didn't really, we both didn't understand why. This is important because she recognized me and asked me if I played CYO basketball when i was little. It turned out we played basketball together for years when we were little. It was so crazy. I don't really remember what she was like when we were little, but it was so nice to see her again. I think it would be fun to hang out with her and she suggested we exchange numbers to maybe do it sometime. Maybe we will, but its always hard to start hanging out with someone new and I'm super awkward.

Side note: I parallel parked amazing well that night. I was so excited about it. I thought I was going to hit the curb, but it turned out I was like perfectly next to it. It was a miracle. I'm usually horrible at parallel parking.

I do provide links to the places I go, but I get nothing from it and my opinions of them are all my own.

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