Monday, March 2, 2015

Downtown Sac

Outfit of the Night
Saturday Night was an adventure walking around downtown until we finally made it back to The Park. So, we planned to meet our other friend and his friends at The Park in downtown.

I am in love with this outfit. Normally, I wear this shirt with jeans and it flows out. This is the first time I wore it tucked in. The shoes I wore were my Clark Booties. My skirt that night felt super short. I usually love this skirt, but I didn't like it that short.

Tank Top: Tj Maxx, last summer
Skirt: American Eagle, 1 year ago.

Anyways, once me and my guy friend got there he called them. They changed there mind and wanted to go to Mango's. So, we caught an Uber for like 5 bucks.

We called them when we get there and he says they're almost here and we're pretty sure he told us to go inside. We went inside it wasn't that great. We got a vodka red bull and then they said we should go to K Street instead. I was a little annoyed because we just paid the $15 cover to get into Mango's, but there really wasn't that many people there that night and I've been super wanting to club. So, I didn't say anything. (Apparently Mango's is usually a lot of fun. It has like 3 dance floors. From the glimpse I got none of the dance floors looked that big though).

Then we headed to K Street and I was finally going to get to see the mermaid bar (Dive Bar), but the line to get in was taking too long. So, we went straight to Social. We got in pretty quick, but once we got to where we have to pay the friend we met up with decided that we just saw hella guys go in so, there would probably be no girls and that we should leave. So, then we left and headed back to Park.

We finally got into the Park at like midnight and it was taking forever to get a drink. So, we ordered 2 each at like 12:15. We drank the first one and then went and danced. There was hella people and the music was really good. So, it was a lot of fun. If you didn't want to dance they had a really big outside patio. I didn't really look around, but it was really nice. The cover for The Park was also 15 dollars.
This is me when we were leaving The Park. We were waiting for our friend before we could all leave to get food. I was bored in the car making funny faces. We didn't get to a restaurant before they all closed. So, we ended up eating McDonalds. I don't even really remember what it tasted like. The french fries were really good though. I want some now.

So, I definitely plan to go to The Park again. Have you been to the park? What did you think of it? What did you do Saturday night?

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