Tuesday, March 17, 2015

House Birthday Parties

Surprisingly, she is the non-family member I've known the longest in my life. Not that she is mean or anything because she is actually that absolute opposite. I don't think I've ever seen her hurt a fly. It's mostly surprising because I met her in the 2nd great in elementary school. We were actually pretty close at one point. We did our 5th grade science fair project.

However, getting older we just drifted apart. I really don't have any recollection of what happened. So, it was clearly nothing bad. Just life. Not that I don't love her because she's amazing, but the only reason we continue to be friends today is because of my best friend Amanda. She's really good friends with her, which made us reconnect. So, we hang out pretty regularly now.

Plus she's an angel. I actually hang out with her more then Amanda because she lives in Sacramento now and no longer has a boyfriend to take up all her time. So, she's lucky and gets to spend tons of time with me.

This picture we explicitly took for Amanda's mom. So, it doesn't count as part of the party, but we did take it at the party. She got us all the same Kate Spade necklace for Christmas and she's been wanting a picture of us all with it on. It has our initial in the front and on the back it says one in a million. I have no idea why, but all these pictures turned out horrible. We stood in this order because out initials spell the word ASK. It sounded like something cool to do at time. 

However, before I got to celebrate her birthday. I was lucky enough to have dinner with my sister and her family before they went to the Marvel show for Xavier's Birthday. Since, they were driving to Sac I asked if they would mind stopping to have dinner with me before the show. We didn't do anything fancy. We just had Subway, which, I'm pretty sure Xavi is in love with. I only saw them for about 30 minutes, but it was nice to at least celebrate his birthday with him a little bit. I cannot believe he's 6 already. They were both a little grumpy at first from the car ride, but by the end they were all smiles.

Anyways, her party was a nice fun get together of her friends. Her sisters even came up. It was so weird because I haven't really seen them since like elementary school. They looked so different. I'm really glad I went. I mostly just hung out with Amanda, Tyler, and the birthday girl's sisters but it was nice. We talked about super random things. It was great. 

Overall the party was just super chill. I've never really been to a crazy party that you see in TV shows and stuff. I feel like they would be fun if you knew a lot of people, but they could also get super crazy super fast. The marine guys want to have one. With them though it would be super fun. 

Back to the party. It was nice to have a nice calm get away from all the final stress. Plus, I had to write a paper all day Sunday. So, I couldn't drink that much on Saturday anyways. This house party was a lot better then the last one I went to. The last one, I didn't really know anyone and something about it just wasn't fun. Side note: I didn't drink at all that night and that is everyone's excuse for why I had zero fun.

I took a fun video of her blowing out the candles at midnight. Her actually birthday was on Sunday, but you can't have a party Sunday night.

In conclusion nice calm house parties can be a nice change from time to time. And they're extra special and fun when you have someone's birthday to celebrate. What do your friends do for their birthdays? Do they have parties? or do they just do tons of homework like I did for my 23rd? 

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