Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21st

Two years ago today I lost one of the most amazing people.  I met her in bootcamp and only knew her for over a year. I've talked to people about her on multiple occasions and I can tell that they simply think that my friends and I losing her doesn't mean that much. Does it mean more to other people, I'm sure it does, but my grief and the way I feel does not take anything away from anyone else.

She was one of my closest friends. She always gave the best and the funniest advice. I loved it. I really miss her advice and just everything she would say. She always said stupid funny stuff.

Everyone tells you it gets easier or you get used to the pain. Honestly, I really don't know what it is, but somehow it does get better or easier. Something changes. I remember when I found out I didn't think it was true. I didn't think it was true at all because the story was just too crazy. It was just something that couldn't happen to someone I knew, but it was.

I can't go to the church or the cemetery today because of that final i've been complaining about all week. Honestly, it makes me kind of happy. I hate churches. They just remind me of death. Plus, it means I can just put off feeling sad for another day. At least, I hope it works that way. It's been working pretty well I think. Until I started telling you about.

This post really isn't informative. It might just be a rant. You'll learn that I do lots of those. This blog is about me and my life. So, I just thought I would let you know.

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