Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday, March 23rd

Today I spent most of the day with my BFF Amanda. However, we took zero pictures. We started the day by getting manis and pedis for my birthday at Crystal Nail Salon. They were my birthday present from her mom. Yes, my birthday was over 2 months ago, but we hadn't had time to go get them done since my birthday. She's on a very strict nail schedule. I find it kind of funny.

I was trying to get them done when my nails were longer, but because of finals I was super stressed. Which means, I bit my nails like a crazy person. The nail lady even made a comment about how short they were. But, I'm pretty sure they're actually longer then normal. lol. 

My toe nails are actually more of a bright green then they are pictured here. My finger nails are more of a blue green. I wanted them to match, but not be exact matches. Especially since my toe nails will probably stay this color a lot longer then my fingernails. They'll definitely have to come off before my next drill with the Marines. 

After, that i had to wait until 11:30 to make sure I didn't have to go to the courthouse for jury duty. I didn't.  I was super happy. I really didn't want to end up on a case. So, I went home for a couple hours and watched TV. 

Amanda came and picked me up later and we went to the mall. I finally returned those American Eagle shorts I mentioned here. Part of me wanted to return the Tilly's shorts because they cost more, but I'm really happy I didn't because I loved them so much. I almost bought this tribal shirt at Forever 21. It would of been super cute to wear out at night. I knew I would get tons of use out of it, but there was like a 10 minute line to purchase items and it was a little too similar to some of the tops I already own. So, I decided to leave it in the store. 

We then went back to her house and attempted to watch the newest episode of Scandal, but we missed like half of it. She was talking super loud to her dad. We had sushi from My Sushi for lunch. It was so good. I wish i knew which roles were which though. We tried the Best Friend Roll, Red Dragon Roll, Drunk Fish Roll, and the Clayton Rd. Roll. They were all pretty good. There was one i wouldn't get again, but I don't know which one it is. So, that makes that kind of difficult. 

Lastly, her mom made us snickerdoodle cookies. I like so many of the different kinds of cookies she makes. We were supposed to help her. I'm not sure why we didn't. After we made cookies, I got a call from my Sergeant and he gave me great news. i can go on a different AT. Therefore, I get to walk at graduation and spend time with my dad. I'm so excited. 

They were really good, but not my favorite. I really like peanut butter cookies, dark chocolate chip cookies, the breakfast cookie, the Neiman Marcus cookie. Basically I like lots of cookies. And home made ones are doubly special. I always love trying them. She asks me to all the time when I come over because her mom knows how much I love cookies. 

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