Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break

It was relaxing. Which, is really all I wanted from Spring Break. That and to clean my room at home, which is actually mostly clean. It took like an hour or two, not nearly as long as I thought it would. Now I just have to do cosmetic stuff. Which is the hard part. Anyways, my relaxing spring break has made me ready for my final quarter at Davis. I'm also sort of dreading it because I can tell I already have major senioritis. Which is why I'm dropping my upper division pol class. I just need to find another class to take.

After, I found out I didn't have jury duty on Monday, I really didn't do much until Thursday. However, Wednesday was my baby brother's birthday. He turned 17. We just had a cookie cake at the house. We're going out to dinner later in the week.

Thursday I went to chili's with some friends of mine. i had the bacon burger, with the bacon on the side. I'm not big on the whole bacon on my burger thing. I like it for breakfast, but I thought someone else would eat it. Turns out they were all too full from their food. I really like the hamburger, but it was nothing special. The fries were also really good.

I got a watermelon margarita, but with vodka instead of tequila with my dinner. At least I think that's what I ordered. I was never really sure if that is actually what I got. I originally ordered a strawberry lemonade with vodka in it. The drink didn't taste too much like one or the other. So, I was really confused. Whatever it was the drink was decent, nothing amazing. I thought I had a picture of the drinks, but I guess I didn't screen shot it from my friends snapchat.

We went to Vinnie's in downtown Concord that night as well. It was super crowded. We left at like midnight because one of them had class to go to early the next day and there was a line outside of the bar. It was ridiculous and I have no idea why it was so busy. There was nothing special about the night. It was weird.

On Friday I trimmed my hair and then picked up Xavier from school and hung out with him for a couple hours. He ended up not wanting to go to the museum or anything. So, we didn't play hookie from school.

We went to Color Me Mine in Walnut Creek and he painted a mug. I thought he would paint it a little more colorful, but he just painted it black. i think he was originally trying to make it look like a Ninja. I think he had fun though. We didn't have time to go shopping for his backpack before his practice, but we got a pretzel and some pizza. He was begging for a pretzel. It was pretty funny.

After that, I took him to baseball practice and I hung out there until his mom got there. He looked so silly with his big ole hat on and sweat pants. He wasn't even wearing cleats. I guess they were in his backpack and he just forgot to put them on. All the other kids had baseball pants on, cleats, and their hats fit. He just looked so silly, but so cute.

Friday night I met up with some friends at Farrington's. It was a chill night. We mostly just caught up. I hadn't seen one of them in like over a year. So, it was super nice to see him again. He's working near home now. So, maybe I'll see him more. We were really good friends in high school.

I went and got sushi with some friends. Everything we ordered was pretty good. I don't even know what we ordered, but we all shared and it was yummy. It may have been a little over priced though. I don't know if I would choose to go there again, but I guess the guys go there kind of often. I stayed in that night. I think I even went to sleep early.

I hung out with my sister for awhile at her house. Had fun playing with my nephews. I love spending time with them. After that I went to I love Teriyaki with my family to celebrate my brother's birthday. I'm not a huge fan of it, but the rest of my family seems to love it. I got my normal meal, beef teriyaki with a side of miso soup. It was good, but nothing special. It really just tastes like beef teriyaki. I wish I had more to tell you about it, but sadly I don't. Sorry.

Yesterday, I stayed at home all day until my brother's party at my grandma's house. I looked at how much cleaner my room was and thought "I should clean it more." and then I was just too lazy to do it. So, I wrote this much needed blog post. I started a bunch this week and just never got around to finishing them.

My grandma made tostadas for dinner. They were delicious. I've been craving homemade tacos, but this definitely filled that craving. I feel like I didn't eat as many as I normally do, but it was still just as amazing. I put beans, beef, tomatoes, avocado, and cheese on mine. I loved it. I wish I could of brought some back to school with me. Then we had some chocolate cake I think for my brother's birthday from Alpine Pastry. I didn't have any, but it looked absolutely delicious. I was too full from the tostadas to have some cake.

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