Monday, March 16, 2015

The Park- Friday Night

Birthday Girl
With finals next week and a 10 page paper due on Monday, I should definitely not be at the bar. However, one of my friends who graduated in June came into town this weekend. And I already had plans to go to the club to celebrate my other friends birthday. So, I told her to come up and she and my dorm roommate could join us. Then we would have a fun girls night because my best friend was supposed to come up Friday as well.

However, my BFF ended having an english test on Saturday. How you forget about an English Test i have no idea. Then my friend who's birthday we were celebrating sister came up on Friday to make jello shots. She isn't 21 yet. So, they couldn't join us at the club. However, she was able to join us at the pregame. It was super nice to see her and her sister before the party. I haven't seen her little sister since I was in high school I think.

 My outfit:
Dress: Forever 21, recent $10
Booties: Clarks, 3 years ago, $60 dollars

I really couldn't decide the shoes I wanted to wear this night. I wasn't thrilled with any of them. I felt like my club shoes were going to hard core for Sacramento, but my booties were just too dressy for the outfit. I thought about wearing my vans which actually didn't look horrible. I feel like it put a tomboy spin on the outfit, but they were wearing heels. So, they wanted me too to. So, I compromised and put my booties on. In case you can't tell the dress is blue in the front and black in the back. Down the whole back is a gold zipper.

In the end it was my two friends from college and I. My Marine friend and his roommate. We all ended up having a really good time. One of my guy friends from the Marine Corps and his roommate ended up joining us.They're all super chill and we had such a fun time. My friend that was visiting had so much fun that she wants to go like once a month now.

So, I probably spent half the time in the club with just my girl friends. You know what I discovered? I wouldn't say less guys hit on you when you're with more girls, but they more just look at you and hope that you'll give them the signal to talk or dance with you. Which I find totally creepy. I would rather just have a guy talk to me and just get it over with. I don't want some random guy looking at me all night trying to get me to send him secret signals or something all night.

Pretty much all night when my girl friends and I were dancing we were just pulling each other away from guys that would come near us. It probably doesn't help that they both have boy friends. So, they don't really want to dance with guys in the club anyways.

On to the specifics of The Park. The vibe felt about the same as when I went on a Saturday. However, the club seemed emptier. Maybe it was because I got there earlier this time or because finals are coming up for us here in davis, but in general the bar seemed more empty then the last time I went.

In case you've never tried the guest list at the park. On Friday's if you get on the guest list and arrive before 11 then there is no cover. So, you can save 15 dollars if you don't mind getting to the  club before 11. However, my guy friend was on the guest list too and they got there after 11 and he only had to pay 5 dollars. I wouldn't even mind paying just 5 dollars. So, if you even think you're gonna go to The Park one night just put yourself on the guest list so, you can have a little more money for drinks or the ride home.

Almost every time I've been out in Sac I've uber back to my friends place and its usually like 8 to 12 dollars. Nothing major, but tonight when we left the bar at like midnight it was saying it would be 21 to 30 dollars. It was 3 times the multiplier, but still that's ridiculous. Look out for my post on how save yourself from the surge prices.

Anyways, that was my Friday night. Did you guys stay in and do homework or did you go out and enjoy yourselves after a nice long week? Happy Monday! Your week is gonna be a happy one.

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