Friday, March 13, 2015

The People You Hit the Bar With

Just thought I'd throw you this advice before you go out for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours. I will and I have finals. Probably not a good idea, but I love my friends.

This came to my mind because I was out a couple weeks ago with one of my guy friends and he asked me "Did any guys hit on you tonight?" My initial thought was when would they have had the time to hit on me? I was with you all night. However, this response was wrong because I did get hit on in the minute or two that I was looking for our friends. But to me it was an outlandish question because most of the time I just hang with them at the bar. So, I didn't really see how the chance for me to get hit on was probable.

I used to think the group of people you went to the bar with didn't really matter. That the experience would be the same mostly in response to how you get hit on. However, the more I've gone out, the more I realized it does. Especially the difference between going out with girls or guys This makes a significant difference.

Since, I'm in the Marine Corps. I have a lot of guy friends and I love hitting the bars with them. They're tons of fun and I really don't have to worry about anything happening to me. However, I've realized I don't get hit on very much when I'm with them. Which really doesn't bother me because I'm going to the bars to have fun. I personally don't think I'm gonna meet the love of my life in a bar. I think I'm gonna meet him through friends. So, I go to bars because I enjoy the atmosphere and I love to dance.

Its not that I never get hit on with them around its just 10 times less likely. Its happened before very rarely when I'm standing right next to them, but it has. That was an awkward situation since, I told the guy my friend was my boyfriend and he still wouldn't leave. But usually they hit on me in the 5 seconds I'm away from. They're not even trying to buy me a drink or aggressive. They'll just tell me I'm pretty. Which I find to be a nice compliment.

I can't really tell you much about what happens when you go out with the girls because I've only done in a couple of times and my reactions to the guys are generally the same no matter who I'm with. I reject them because I'm usually just not interested. So, I don't really notice the difference between the two situations. However, since I'm most likely just going to be with my girls tonight I'll let you know how it goes.

My point here is if you're trying to get hit on in the bar you should probably go out with your girls instead of your guys, but if you just wanna have fun then it doesn't matter who you go out with. I've had a great time with my girls and my guys. I've also had not so great times out with them both as well. It's all about what you make it. So, make whatever you do amazing and you'll live an amazing life.

What have you noticed when you go out with different gender groups? What do you do to enjoy your one life?

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