Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend Roundup 5

Thursday, March 19th
If anyone goes out in Davis they go out on Thursday Night, mojito night. Pitchers of Mojitos are $12. My whole apartment pregamed together at our apartment. There were like 20 of us. It was really fun.

After that we headed to mojito night at Bistro 33. There was a line out the door to get in. It was crazy busy. The only reason I could think this happened was because everyone was celebrating the end of their finals. 

It was so much fun because everywhere we went in the bar we ran into someone we knew. I loved it. Some of my friends from Sac came too. I hope they had fun. I should ask them because I really hope they did. 

After bistro 33 we went to Tres for a little bit. It was really fun, but it was way too crowded. So, we tried to go to Our House across the street but the line was really long and the wait wasn't worth it. So, we went to get food. 

Saturday, March 21st
I didn't go out on Friday because I was attempting to study. But right after my final Saturday I went home and met up with one of my friends. 

We went out to Farringtons but the crowd there was really weird. We played pool for a little bit and just hung out. However, we weren't really feeling the music or anything. So, we attempted to dance for like 2 songs and then left.

Sunday, March 22nd

On Sunday, I went on a 6 mile walk with in remembrance of my friend who passed away 2 years ago. It was really nice to see her family again. It was a walk from the park near her parents house to the cemetery. I don't go to the cemetery very often because they make me sad. 

Afterwards my friend and I went and got breakfast at Panera. It was actually more like lunch, but it was still just as delicious. I got broccoli cheddar soup. It was really good. If you haven't tried it yet. You really should. 

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